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Calipari Eviscerates Stoops On Twitter

Mark Stoops makes a funny tweet about size and shuts down John Calipari, who retorts on Twitter.



There’s conflict brewing in Lexington as UK tries to decide whether it’s a football or a basketball school, a question any objective observer could answer.

To kick off the so-called “debate,” John Calipari brought up the topic of a new basketball practice facility for the University of Kentucky. By doing so, he didn’t pull any punches about how he thought the athletic department’s funds should be distributed.

The school’s reputation as a basketball powerhouse is well-deserved. Calipari said, “It’s always been that,” as quoted by The Athletic. That’s right, Alabama is a football powerhouse. Georgia is as well. Yeah, they kind of are. I mean no disrespect to our football team. My expectation is that they will win ten games and make it to a bowl game. Ultimately, that facilitates my work and the work of all of us. However, this is a school that focuses on basketball. Therefore, it is imperative that we maintain our current course of action.

Joe Craft Football Training Facility, a $45 million football complex, opened in Kentucky in July 2016. The school’s basketball arena, which opened in 2007, has seen better days, prompting Calipari to take matters into his own hands and seek funding for a new one.

In addition, Mel Tucker of Michigan State University refuses to lower his standards.

However, one of Calipari’s remarks has not gone over well with his Wildcat teammates. The statement by Calipari that “this is a basketball school” drew the ire of football coach Mark Stoops.

Where can I find a basketball academy? Oh, I thought we were SEC foes? #4straightpostseasonwins 11 August 2022 — Mark Stoops (@UKCoachStoops)

Despite the fact that Although the University of Kentucky football team has had more recent success than the basketball team (winning the Citrus Bowl, Belk Bowl, Gator Bowl, and Citrus Bowl again) it would be dishonest to say that basketball is not more closely associated with Kentucky than football. Calipari probably didn’t anticipate any backlash when he made the comment.

Behind closed doors, Kentucky may be able to calm things down, and it will probably result in Calipari admitting he spoke out of turn. However, it doesn’t look great when one of your school’s coaches publicly criticizes the other.