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Celebrate CS10 with a dozen stickers shaped like the standard CSGO model

CS10 brought a ton of new stickers to Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and that means plenty of new opportunities for cheapest crafts and combo skins. CSGO skin aficionados now have 65 new sticker li



There are many new low-cost crafting options and skin-sticker combinations available in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive thanks to the plethora of stickers added in CS10.

Sixty-five new stickers have been released for CS:GO skin enthusiasts to use, and half of them can be purchased for less than the cost of a capsule. Budget players should jump in now, but even veteran sticker collectors can benefit from the current market conditions. The right foundations allow for fantastic DIY projects without breaking the bank. Here are three easy and inexpensive DIYs using the new CS:GO stickers on some classic skins.

Amazing Smokes and Slates CS10 DIYs can be made on a tight budget.

Using an AK-47 | Slate as a foundation for a low-cost craft is like cheating. The blacked-out finish makes all the details stand out, and provides an excellent backdrop for showing off your brand-new CS10 stickers. These new Smoke Out holograms are the perfect slaps for a T rifle craft.

Finding a good purple skin to complement the Smoked Out is challenging, but the combination of Slate and the thin yellow outline really makes the whole thing pop. Many other CS10 stickers would improve this vessel, but a minimal wear Slate and four Smoked Outs will only set you back $7.44 at the time of this writing.

Use an M4A1-S based on Dragon Lore for some CT flexing

Even though the Basilisk has been called boring by some, it is perfect for a cheap Dragon Lore-themed craft. Five of the new CS10 stickers transform the game’s most recognizable characters into infants as a tribute to those skins. The Baby Lore is only 63 cents, despite the fact that its namesake sells for hundreds of thousands of dollars.

There is no mistaking that the Basilisk is the inspiration for those Baby Lore stickers. Therefore, there should be no slot near the magazine because the centrally etched snake is read as a parent. For the price of three stickers, you can get a brand new Basilisk. This low-cost CS10 ship was designed to resemble the legendary AWP, but it is in no way a match for the Dragon Lore.

Budget glitz to mark the tenth anniversary of Creative Suite a bird of prey

A new CS10 sticker honoring the Desert Eagle’s precision is the perfect way to flaunt your mastery of the weapon. The Clicking Heads sticker is a perfect complement to the desert eagle | light rail’s neutral base and warm hues. We were able to put more of our $15 budget toward the base because a blue CS10 sticker only costs 9 cents on the Steam Market.

The sticker’s yellow outline matches the barrel precisely, and it stands out even more near the handle. This skin is based around accuracy, and the StatTrak counter that alludes to previous headshots is the finishing touch. The vast majority of this craft’s funds went toward purchasing brand-new Light Rail from the StatTrak factory, but a set of Clicking Heads stickers can be had for less than fifty cents.

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