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Charles has an interesting travel schedule after Queen Elizabeth’s death We will want to take advantage of the opportunities that are on the timeline before they get away from us

However, Prince Charles will be busy following Queen Elizabeth’s death as his schedule does not allow for much downtime.



The current monarch of the United Kingdom, Elizabeth II, has reigned the longest of any British monarch. In June, a celebration called the Platinum Jubilee marked her 70th year as monarch. Some people might think she’s ready to step down from the throne now that she’s 96 years old and has spent the past 70 years ruling. Prince Philip, her husband, stepped down as a royal in 2017 at the age of 96, according to The New York Times. Nonetheless, Elizabeth is not planning on hanging it up anytime soon. She has fulfilled the lifelong promise she made on her 21st birthday to devote herself to serving the people of the Commonwealth.

According to Reader’s Digest, no British monarch has abdicated the throne because of old age. She has been unable to attend all royal events over the past few months due to health issues, but she is still head of state. According to CBS News, Elizabeth’s mother lived to be 101, so she still may have a long life ahead of her. In the event of Elizabeth’s untimely demise (here’s how everyone will find out the news), her son Prince Charles will ascend to the throne. The Prince of Wales will have a full schedule despite being in mourning for his mother.

Before the Queen’s funeral, Prince Charles will tour all of the United Kingdom’s countries.

The Guardian reports that “Operation London Bridge” is the codename for the British government’s contingency plans in the event of the death of Queen Elizabeth. Politico reports that upon her passing, Prince Charles will become king automatically, making him the oldest person to ever become king of Britain. While the Mirror suggests he may eventually be known as King Charles III, he is free to choose a new moniker if he so chooses.

On the night of his mother’s death, Charles will give his first speech as monarch from St. James Palace. Following that, he plans to make a speedy tour of the rest of the British Isles. According to Politico, Charles will travel to Scotland three days after Diana’s death to pay his respects at a service at Edinburgh’s St. Giles Cathedral and to address the Scottish parliament. After attending a service at Belfast’s St. Anne’s Cathedral the following day, he will receive a motion of condolence at Hillsborough Castle, the only royal residence in Northern Ireland.

From and to London, Prince Charles will be making frequent trips.

There will be a procession of the coffin from Buckingham Palace to the Palace of Westminster in London five days after Queen Elizabeth’s death, and Prince Charles will undoubtedly be there. Politico reports that one week after the death of the queen, the current Prince of Wales will travel to Wales for a funeral service at Cardiff’s Llandaff Cathedral and to accept a motion of condolence from the Welsh parliament. Ten days after Elizabeth’s death, Charles will return to London for the state funeral at Westminster Abbey, according to British Heritage.

Following his mother’s death, the current Duke of Cornwall may travel throughout the United Kingdom, and he may take some personal belongings with him. According to Page Six’s report based on information obtained from the book “The Palace Papers,” he travels with his own “orthopedic bed, lavatory seat, Kleenex Velvet lavatory paper, and two landscapes of the Scottish landscapes.” Possibly he got that from his mom, who always travels with her own roll of toilet paper (via SCMP).

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