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Cheap base MUT safeties in Madden 23

Shut down your opponents with these secondary players.



In Madden 23’s Ultimate Team mode, safeties are the last line of defense and can either make up for a team’s lack of quality cornerbacks or break through the offensive line to apply pressure. Card-collecting mode has a severe lack of talented safeties, however, as most of them have overall ratings of 80 or lower. Here are the top base MUT safeties in Madden 23, so you can shut down everything from Hail Marys to outside runs.

Which safeties in Madden 23’s base MUT are the best?

Only ten of your base safeties should be considered elite in Ultimate Team. Having said that, the field is significantly less talented than Kevin Byard, Adrian Phillips, and Jessie Bates. You have a great chance at interceptions and incomplete passes thanks to the incredible Play Recognition skills of these three free safeties and the fact that they have the best Zone Coverage ratings of any base players. The top 10 base safeties are listed below in order of their Overall grade.

If you can’t afford these Pro Bowlers, the Packers’ Adrian Amos is a great alternative. Even though he has a high Overall rating of 83 and a Zone Coverage rating of 84, he is currently only sold for around 15,000 coins. It doesn’t matter which you pick; you can use Training Points to improve their stats and make them unbeatable.