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Christian Heitmann has created a new bodywork for the V Max, which will enhance its top speeds

Czinger 21C has a new V Max trim design which will help stabilize the car.



Salespeople offering mouthwatering steaks are aware that presentation is more important than product quality. That’s why Czinger brought a third iteration of its tandem two-seater 21C and its upcoming Hyper GT to Monterey Car Week. We’ll begin with the 21C, which originally came in two different forms. The aerodynamic additions on the track version increased downforce by a factor of three compared to the road version. The 21C V Max is a racecar that can also be driven on the road, as its sleeker and longer bodywork reduces wind resistance and increases top speed.

With the two electric motors mounted in front of the axle, the 2.88-liter twin-turbo V8 found in all 21Cs should be able to produce more speed. In Monterey, company founder Kevin Czinger said the 1,233-horsepower engine allows for the same 0-60 time as the other variants, which is less than two seconds. Considering that every part of the car has been modified, including the front splitter and the rear diffuser, the Vmax should be even quicker than the regular 21C’s claimed 27-second run from 0 to 250 mph and back. The manufacturer claims a quarter-mile time of 8.1 seconds and a top speed of 253 mph.

The 80-unit 21C production will include the V Max, offering customers a choice of three trim levels at a price of $1.7 million each. It is anticipated that initial shipments will begin by year’s end.

Czinger’s second vehicle, currently codenamed “Hyper GT,” is scheduled to enter production after the 21C begins customer deliveries. The same hybrid drivetrain as the 21C motivates this vehicle, but the internal combustion engine (ICE) is up front and the e-motors are, presumably, in the back. You can’t see the awe-inspiring power of 1,233 hp at the valet stand, but Czinger claims this will be “the most powerful grand tourer ever produced” and “by far, the top performing GT ever built and ever put out on the street.” The four passengers and their luggage will enter through the gullwing doors.

Research Being so far from production, we have no idea what will be inside (for example, a Cadillac). In Los Angeles, however, the company plans to manufacture 1,000 Hyper GTs at a cost of $750,000 to $1 million each, with a battery-electric version to follow before 2030. When speaking to Autocar, Czinger revealed, “The original conception of Czinger was to produce that ultimate road-track car [the 21C] that could set all of the records.” After the 21C’s success and his lap record at Laguna Seca, he had the idea: “This could be a really, really cool brand,” he said, “with the father-son combination [referring to his son and co-founder Lukas] that creates a whole series of the most off-the-hook vehicles in each of the categories.”

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