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CNN Anchor Jim Acosta clashes with former DHS secretary Kirstjen Nielsen over Trump’s alleged “lies” that he purportedly used to win the election

When confronted with claims of election fraud on Sunday, CNN anchor Jim Acosta pushed acting Homeland Security Secretary Chad Wolf to respond whether Joe Biden justly won the last presidential electi



On Sunday, CNN’s Jim Acosta got into an argument with former acting DHS Secretary Chad Wolf over Wolf’s allegations of voter fraud.

Acosta’s pressure on Wolf, who had worked for Trump before, to comment on whether or not Biden had fairly won the election led to some heated back and forth between the two men.

Acosta asked, “Who won the 2020 election?” after Wolf voiced his concerns about voter fraud and irregularities.

“Joe Biden is president,” the former HHS secretary said.

No, no, no,” Acosta shot back. Asking, “Do you think he won that election honestly?”

When pressed for a direct response, Wolf once again provided an indirect one.

Wolf declared, “Joe Biden is president,” but he admitted that he lacked sufficient evidence to determine whether or not Biden’s victory was fair.

Wolf used Wisconsin’s use of drop boxes to buttress his allegations of fraud, noting that Americans generally do not have faith in the integrity of the voting process.

Before Acosta cut him off, Wolf was saying, “There are a number of irregularities, illegalities, and fraud.”

The CNN anchor snapped back, “Not enough to alter the outcome of the election.”

Acota criticized Wolf, saying that he was undermining democracy and leading Americans down a “path of lies.”

At the end of the segment, Acosta said, “It sounds like you’ve watched one too many conspiracy theories on the 2020 election.”

The claims that the last presidential election was stolen have been repeatedly promoted by Trump and his political allies.

During the current midterm elections, many Republican candidates, including the Republican nominees for secretary of state in states like Wyoming and Arizona, have incorporated this narrative into their campaigns.

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