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Coconut water for hangovers: is it really true?

Coconut water relieves hangovers does it really work? Let’s find out in this article! Does the hot weather and late-night partying affect your hangover? Do you find yourself waking up with the awful



Does drinking coconut water cure a hangover? Is it possible that this is all an urban legend? Read on to find out this and more about the topic!

Forget about any other season, summer is when you really let loose. But if you’ve had a few too many cocktails, you may wake up with a hangover, and the hot weather and lack of sleep won’t help matters.

After a night out, everyone has their own methods for regaining their equilibrium. One common example is drinking coconut water to cure a hangover. The question is, though, whether or not it actually functions.

In this article, we’ll learn the truth about the curative powers of coconut water for hangovers, in addition to other surprising tidbits about this incredibly adaptable food.

The coconut water hangover remedy: urban legend or effective remedy?

If you’ve ever had a hangover, you know that the symptoms include nausea, vomiting, headaches, rapid heart rate, and dry mouth, and that they last for at least a day after a “naughty” night out.

While your body adjusts to the effects of the alcohol you’ve consumed, it undergoes a number of complex physiological and psychological changes. The most crucial one is thirst.

Alcohol is a diuretic, so it increases the frequency with which you have to use the restroom. However, this results in the loss of many vital electrolytes and the accumulation of harmful waste products in the body. Changes in metabolism cause sickness and nausea.

Can drinking coconut water really be helpful for hangovers?

Despite the fact that there are differing opinions on the topic, it is undeniable that coconut water is an all-natural isotonic. Isotonic drinks, like regular sports drinks, are useful for maintaining proper hydration levels in the body. Furthermore, it is a method of replenishing electrolytes like sodium and potassium that are lost during the hydration process.

Sugar-free coconut water is certainly more healthy than consuming other isotonic sports drinks, which are typically loaded with unnecessary sugars and ingredients, and drinking coconut water after a night out could be a good – and delicious – way to rehydrate your body.

Furthermore, coconut water is rich in magnesium and other easily digested carbohydrates in the form of bio-available electrolytes, and it contains several antioxidants that protect your cells from damage caused by free radicals. Because of these benefits, coconut water may be a good choice for athletes or as a simple way to cool off after a day at the beach in the summer heat.

In addition, this is just the beginning. Besides its many culinary uses, coconut is a fantastic substance in which to cook. What are they? Let’s find out!

Health benefits of coconut water

Electrolytes, vitamins, and minerals like potassium, sodium, magnesium, and calcium can all be found in coconut water. It’s no surprise that the indigenous people of the Amazon and the Caribbean have been drinking it for centuries as a medicine.

In addition, the coconut fruit is composed of about 95% water, so it can help with hydration and providing beneficial nutrients to the body. It may also aid in digestion and brain function, increasing energy levels for the day.

There are 60 calories in one cup of coconut water (240 ml), and it also provides:

15 grams of carbs

Number of grams of sugar: 8

Calcium content at 4% of the DV (DV)

Amounting to 4% of the Daily Value, magnesium has

2.0% of the Daily Value for Phosphorus

15 percent of the daily value for potassium

Curious Facts About the Amazing Coconut

Coconut water is abundant in young, green coconuts but decreases in older, browner ones (the ones we are used to seeing in movies and cartoons).

It’s not uncommon for a single coconut palm to produce a hundred or more coconuts in a single year.

The coconut fruit “floats,” as the saying goes.

More than 15 distinct species of coconut exist.

With 16.82 MMT in 2022, Indonesia was the leading producer.

What to look for in a coconut and other ingredient selection advice

Choose a coconut by holding it in both hands and giving it a good shake. Coconuts are fresh if you can hear the water moving inside. A lack of noise, on the other hand, could be an indicator that the fruit’s interior is already rotting.

Additionally, make sure the shell is as compact as possible. There shouldn’t be any breaks or holes in it. If so, the fruit itself may be bruised or dehydrated on the inside.

Numerous mouthwatering dishes feature coconut as the main attraction.

There are many refreshing and exotic dishes that can be made with the milk, water, and pulp of this incredible fruit.

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Clean Cooking with Caitlin is where I first read about the efficacy of coconut water for relieving hangover symptoms.