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Cold War guns are no longer used as they should be, but they still have the potential to take care of enemies that players come across in PvP

SMGs Increased Defence in the Cold War



The LC10, according to popular YouTuber Metaphor, is the best sniper support weapon in not only Warzone, but also Caldera. The famous YouTuber says the Cold War SMG is “slept on” and “definitely a top-tier sniper support,” and he is a big fan of it.

Prior to receiving significant nerfs, the LC10 was at the forefront of the meta in Season 2 of Call of Duty: Black Ops: Cold War, but it has since fallen. The pick rate for the gun is currently only 0.26%, according to the popular gun statistics and meta-data website WZranked.

The LC10 is one of the many fantastic weapons that can be found buried in Warzone’s extensive gun catalogs; here’s why the LC10 stands out.

This is the Metaphor load out:

Suppressor Barrel, Agency 13.9 feet, Task Force Muzzle

Team Tiger, We Have a Laser! Spotlight

Investing in Raider Stock Standard 45-round magazine.

The LC10 is incredibly mobile, and it excels in both mid-range and close-quarters settings. An impressive TTK is another strength of this item. It’s not a top-tier weapon, but it has great potential. Try out the LC10 if you’re bored with your current arsenal.