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Commercial Star Speak’s Out After Alleged Killer Is Arrested: ‘Grateful and Upset’

A 20-year-old man named Reuben Gulley was charged with the fatal shooting of an 18-year-old. His son of a celebrity is found dead in his townhouse and can be seen on the app, TikTok.



After learning of an arrest in her son’s murder, TikTok star Ophelia Nichols expressed her gratitude while expressing her unhappiness.

Randon Lee Nichols, the son of Nichols, was shot and killed in June at a petrol station in Prichard, Alabama. He was 18. Reuben Gulley, 20, was detained on Thursday in connection with the death, according to WALA-TV. According to jail records for Montgomery County, Gulley is being held on a single murder charge.

Nichols, also known as Mama Tot and @shoelover99 on TikTok, is finally speaking out.

“I keep receiving texts that say, “You must be so happy right now,” but I’m not. I’m not content “Nichols stated in a video uploaded to TikTok on Friday.

She continued, “Last night, when I saw the mugshot, I remember thinking, ‘My gosh, he’s just a baby.

She claimed to have seen remarks from Gulley’s previous instructors calling him “a nice young man.”

On Gulley, Nichols remarked, “I bet he was.” “That simply made me think that he decided to just toss his life away in just 11 seconds,” the speaker said.

The “One thing that her son and Gulley have in common, according to Nichols, is that their mothers both went above and above for them. They definitely shared that, I’m sure.”

“So keep in mind that there are now two families suffering because there are two of us. And those parents shouldn’t have to suffer because of something their child did, just like I shouldn’t have to suffer because of anything my kids have done “Nichols remarked.

She recalls hearing disparaging remarks about her son from residents of her community after he passed away and expressed her hope that Gulley’s mother won’t have to go through the same thing.

“Nobody gets that from me. For me, that was incredibly difficult. Our children shouldn’t have been present that evening. The two of them, but “She spoke.

Nichols remarked after a pause that while it’s difficult to consider what may have been, “I am aware that the path to justice will be challenging. I hope everything goes as it ought to.”

She emphasized to her backers, “Not just me, but also two families, are in pain. There are numerous additional families in that town that need justice but never received it.”

Grateful but not joyful, she captioned the clip.

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One reader inquired about Nichols’ willingness to speak with Gulley or his mother in the comments section.

She answered, “Of course I would.

The night before he was killed, Lee met up with two people at a gas station to offer them marijuana, according to Prichard police.

He was allegedly shot shortly after by one of the suspects inside his car, according to a previous PEOPLE report.

The shooters apparently ran away after the shooting, and Lee pulled out of the gas station and into another, where he died from his wounds.

According to WALA, Gulley was turned down for bond.

On Friday, it was unclear if he had admitted guilt to the accusation or had hired a lawyer to speak for him.