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Could this meat alternative be a game-changer in the meat-alternative game?

Is this veggie burger somehow trying to taste like the ocean? This experimental kelp burger might be a way to up their vegan game.



Akua’s Kelp Burger was the first plant-based meat substitute I’ve ever tried, and I was very pleased with its flavor, texture, and ease of preparation. Kelp’s health benefits, combined with the product’s minimal processing and natural ingredients, swayed my opinion in its favor.

On top of all that, the company engages in commendable eco-friendly policies.

Black bean and veggie patties have always been my go-to veggie burger, rather than the processed kinds that try too hard to mimic the texture and flavor of real meat. I occasionally eat a meat burger when I’m really craving one, but I usually opt for veggie burgers due to their higher fiber content and other health benefits.

Unfortunately, many veggie patties are bland and watery. However, if you cook them for too long, they may become dry in the middle and fall apart when you take your first bite. The kelp burger made by Akua is unique.

My previously frozen kelp burger was, dare I say it, perfect after a 30-second thaw in the microwave and three minutes in a hot pan on each side. Similarly to a perfectly cooked beef burger, a nice blackened crust formed on the outside, but the patty itself was neither dry nor overcooked.

The texture was spot on, falling apart in no way but being soft and chewy on the inside with just a hint of crunch from the edges. The flavor was superior to that of the vast majority of veggie burgers I’ve tried. Neither the seaweed nor the “oceany” flavor came through, but the savory saltiness of the kelp added a genuine umami quality, somewhat reminiscent of mushrooms. A slice of Field Roast vegan cheese went wonderfully with it.

A serving of this burger provides 7 percent of the recommended daily intake of omega-3 fatty acids from kelp, as well as a healthy dose of other nutrients.

As someone who is extremely picky about her diet, I feel compelled to add that I felt fantastic after eating this burger and could have easily had a second. Knowing that the kelp is collected in a way that doesn’t harm the marine ecosystem where it grows made me feel good about supporting the company.

I think it’s time you tried something different from the standard burger, and this one comes highly recommended.

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It’s possible that this kelp burger will revolutionize the meatless burger market. made its debut on The Cool Down.