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Couple captures video of ghost fighting on their bed in their vacant living

They claim they have a haunted house.



A couple’s encounter with a “rather rowdy ghost” they claim resides in their home has been documented on TikTok.

Lainey and Ben, the couple in question, appear to have conducted frequent paranormal investigations of their residence.

They have a website dedicated to their paranormal investigations and regularly upload videos about their findings to the TikTok platform.

In a rare sighting, two ghosts were captured on camera, and it has captured the attention of their audience.

The couple claimed ghosts were throwing pillows at each other in the living room in the TikTok video.

Throw pillows can be seen flying across what appears to be an empty room in the video, which was likely recorded by a security camera.

The couple has indicated the possible locations of the ghosts by drawing stick figures of what they might look like.

In response to the pillow fight, TikTok users were divided.

Those who viewed the video and commented on its veracity thought it might be real.

A user described this situation as follows: “The two spirits in the room are fighting over something, the other one in the chair is awkwardly on their phone trying to ignore the whole thing.”

A sizable portion of the population, however, viewed the video’s claims of ghostly appearances as ridiculous. Several viewers speculated that someone beyond the camera’s range was actually tossing the cushions.

As one user put it, “What the heck is going on? You threw some cushions around, added some green lines and white dots, and tried to fool people with your editing.

Sooo the cushions are thrown from behind the camera,” one user remarked.

The couple has shared a number of videos depicting eerie occurrences.

Lainey and Ben’s TikTok channel is filled with videos of strange occurrences in their home.

The video up top, likewise, shows snippets of the many paranormal occurrences the couple has encountered while at home.

Objects mysteriously disappear from shelves, and doors to closets open and close on their own. The couple had been sitting on the couch watching TV when the light suddenly went out.

Another time, Lainey is filming herself and is startled to see that her hair is swaying on its own.

And then, at the very end of the video, something even more shocking happens: both of them get struck in the head by the same object. Ben referred to the incident as “a little blow in the back of my head.”

Many people, however, do not believe the claims that Lainey and Ben make in their videos.

“With all the furniture being thrown around, how do we know it’s not a cat ghost? Just makes more sense, “Only one author contributed to the piece.

Meanwhile, fellow believers are warning the couple to stay away from any supernatural activity.

As one commenter put it, “If I saw my hair move like that, I’d immediately be swinging at air.”

The other user commented, “I can’t believe you guys are still living there after all that poltergeist activity. As far back as I can remember, I’ve been warned that they can be quite dangerous. My god, you guys are powerful.”

“Guys just [be] careful don’t mess with it. It gets worse and no one is willing to help “Exactly one person shared their thoughts on this.

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