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Criminal Minds Season 15 has just received great reviews for a specific reason: Spencer Reid was not included

Matthew Gray Gubler won’t be back when Criminal Minds returns next year. Season 16 also has a reason as to why Spencer Reid won’t be returning as well.



There will be a season 16 revival of Criminal Minds on Paramount+, but Matthew Gray Gubler won’t be joining the ensemble and Spencer Reid won’t be back for a good reason. Although the majority of the ensemble is returning, Gubler, who played brilliant Behavioral Analysis Unit (BAU) member, Spencer Reid, is noticeably absent. Given that Spencer is one of, if not the most popular characters on Criminal Minds, this comes as a disappointment to viewers who were hoping to see Reid return for season 16 of the show.

There were just seven primary characters when Criminal Minds premiered in 2005, Spencer Reid included. It underwent a number of cast changes over the years, as well as a few entrances and exits. However, only Gubler and A.J. Cook, who played Jennifer “JJ” Jareau, were among the original cast members who remained with the program until its 15th season, which ended in 2020. Longtime viewers of the police procedural understandably anticipate that both of them will star in the new season of Criminal Minds, which Paramount+ is now in the midst of renewing. However, according to early reports, only Cook and not Gubler have agreed to return.

Spencer Reid won’t be rejoining the BAU, though, when the series returns to television for a second season. JJ confessing to Reid that she had always loved him during a near-death experience was one of the series’ biggest storyline surprises. Since she is married and has children, Spencer had also been harboring secret affections for his fellow FBI agent but had refrained from acting. Even though JJ and Reid remained the show’s main agents, their relationship became uneasy as a result of the disclosure. Even though Reid knew they would never be a couple, it must have been challenging for him to work with JJ in the future. Reid leaving the BAU is a result of him presumably realizing as part of his rehabilitation that the only way to move on was to physically isolate himself from her.

How Likely Is Matthew Gray Gubler’s Return for the Criminal Minds Reboot?

Matthew Gray Gubler joining Criminal Minds season 16 on Paramount+ is still a possibility as of right now. After all, the project is still in the early stages of development, and there doesn’t appear to be a set deadline for its completion. The actor might eventually be persuaded by the producers to work with his previous co-stars again. He doesn’t seem to be working on any other projects, so it could be simpler to bring him back in nonetheless. It’s comforting to know that Paramount has a plausible narrative explanation for why Spencer Reid won’t be joining his fellow BAU employees for Criminal Minds season 16 in the event that Gubler decides he’s finished with the show after 15 years of commitment. People will undoubtedly feel strongly about his disappearance given how significant and well-liked he was during the first run of the show. But given all he’s been through, it makes sense for him to say that he had to quit the agency in order to take care of his mental health.

Many people are speculating as to whether Matthew Gray Gubler had anything to do with Spencer Reid leaving the show, even if the narrative lines that took him away from the BAU have been well addressed. The fact that he departed the series amicably and there were no issues with contracts or creative differences suggests that this isn’t the case in the end. Although the actor expressed his sadness that the show had to end, he also hinted that his character might return at some point. Gubler said, “I know that everything has its time, and I’m in no way sad that the show is closing because I feel like we’ve done it beautifully, and I feel like there are roots there for it to re-hatch later,” in an interview with TVLine (via Yahoo! ), in reference to the Criminal Minds series finale. Therefore, even though the Spencer Reid actor could not be back for Criminal Minds season 16, that doesn’t mean he couldn’t return for the subsequent season. Gubler continued by saying, “I kind of compare it to going to a concert where the band has to leave the stage at a particular time in order to perform an encore. It’s only a matter of natural development.”

But if Criminal Minds season 16 goes in this direction, JJ’s response will need to be addressed. She was not just secretly in love with Spencer, but they had also been friends for a very long time. It is clear that she would find it impossible to be without Spencer. Reid’s absence will also provide some difficulties for the BAU as a whole, particularly in light of his cerebral ability. It will be interesting to observe how the resurrection manages his absence in any case.