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Dana White’s story fuels speculation that Derek Carr was Tom Brady’s unnamed “motherf–ker”

Tom Brady goes on The Shop unexpectedly revealing during a live stream that ‘one of the teams, they weren’t interested at the very end’, he said.



Jimmy Garoppolo, quarterback for the 49ers, quickly became the fan favorite to play the role of the mysterious “motherf-ker.” Though, within the first day, the buzz around the league centered on Raiders quarterback Derek Carr as the real “motherf-ker.” Many people are coming to the conclusion that it was Carr because of comments made by Dana White on the first-ever UFC “GronkCast,” in which White claimed that the trade of Tom Brady to the Raiders was nearly complete before coach Jon Gruden blew it up.

In July 2021, Carr relayed to Brother from Another that, from what he had overheard, Brady was not referring to him. This doesn’t square with the rest of what Brady said on The Shop, where he claimed to be ready to move forward with house hunting before Gruden scrunched up his face and decided against it.

To paraphrase Brady’s words at the time, “There’s no f-king way I would’ve gone to that team,” he now says. But they already told me they don’t want me. I understand completely and can relate to how you feel. And because of that, I’m going to go f-ck you up.”

The 2020 season ended with a 45-20 victory for Brady and the Patriots over the Raiders in Las Vegas on October 25. It’s possible that Brady was the one who f*cked up the Bucs that night, if what White said is true (which was confirmed by Gronk).

First reported on Pro Football Talk, Dana White’s story has fueled speculation that Derek Carr was the unnamed “motherf-ker” of Tom Brady.