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Dark Crystals make up a large portion of the Storm’s income To compensate for this, we’ve decided to give out Dark Crystals in the wake of very active server (and player) issues

Gold Nuclei are available for early adopters.



At least in theory, everyone can now play Tower of Fantasy. On the day of release, many players encountered connection problems, such as “disconnected from server” and “server under maintenance” messages. Hotta Studio, the studio responsible for the game, plans to rectify the situation by giving away free content to the players.

A total of 600 Dark Crystals are up for grabs if you sign up for the game by Thursday, August 11 at midnight (UTC). The letter breaks the total number of apologies down into two categories: server errors (300) and login/account registration problems (300). These will be delivered “within 24 hours” of Hotta’s notice to the mailboxes of eligible players. Those who sign up before Wednesday, August 17 at midnight UTC will also receive ten Gold Nuclei as a bonus. That’s almost an entire week after the launch to sign up and claim your gold.

Players of Tower of Fantasy have previously received free items, though those gifts were part of a marketing campaign rather than an apology. People who pre-registered for the game are now eligible to receive the bonuses they were promised. It’s out now for PC, iOS, and Android, but there are no plans to release it on consoles just yet.