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Deathstroke tells his threat to The Arrow

Writer Ed Brisson, artist Dexter Soy’s “Year One” for Deathstroke Inc. reveals the very first superhero Slade Wilson has ever fought.”



and battles before “Year One.” In the “Batman vs. Deathstroke” Batman backup story by Williamson and artist Trevor Hairsine, the first fight between the Caped Crusader and the mercenary was revealed, taking place during the aforementioned Shadow War crossover between the Deathstroke Inc., Batman and Robin ongoing series. But in the present day, Deathstroke is a completely different kind of danger.

It’s no secret that Deathstroke plays a pivotal role as an antagonist in “Dark Crisis on Infinite Earths.”

Slade outside of Deathstroke Inc. is a major antagonist in the Dark Crisis on Infinite Earths event by Williamson and artist Daniel Sampere. The event, which is scheduled to run for seven main issues and other tie-in stories, will focus on the legacy heroes of the DC Universe as they deal with Deathstroke and his Secret Society of Super-Villains following the assassination of the Justice League by Pariah and the Great Darkness. The Great Darkness has also enhanced Slade’s abilities, making him Pariah’s pawn on Earth who will sow chaos and bring about the next crisis in the DC Universe.

Brisson pens Deathstoke Inc. #12 with artwork by Soy, colors by Veronica Gandini, lettering by Steve Wands, and main cover art by Mikel Jann. Jesus Merino, Andrew Dalhouse, and Ivan Tao all created alternate covers for this issue. In stores on August 23 from DC Comics.