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DeLorean Alpha and Omega Concepts: In Beta for Now, but Promising

The gullwinged Alpha5 is expected out in 2024. Meanwhile, DeLorean is showing two concepts: a wagonlike take on the Alpha and a frankly futuristic off-roader.



Two of the three new DeLorean concepts were introduced at Monterey Car Week.

We got our best look yet at the next production DeLorean, the 2+2 coupe version, in an early preview of the 2024 Alpha5 earlier this year. The Alpha5 Plasmatail, a longer, swoopier take on the original Alpha5 with additional cargo space in a wagon-like rear end, was on display at Monterey.

The Omega is a radical departure for the company, with its futuristic ideas. The thought of driving a DeLorean off-road in the year 2040 is mind-boggling.

This year’s Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance and Monterey Car Week saw the debut of several new DeLorean Motors models. At the DeLorean House on the evening of August 20, two new concept vehicles—the Plasmatail and the Omega—were unveiled, while the previously unveiled Alpha5 enjoyed some time in the spotlight.

Few specifics about the new vehicle fleet are being disclosed by the company at this time. The Alpha5 is an all-electric luxury sedan with gullwing doors, just like the DeLorean. Italdesign, who collaborated on the groundbreaking DeLorean DMC-12, was responsible for the concept’s design. Even though we’re making an effort to steer clear of any potential movie allusions, DeLorean’s claim that the Alpha5 was inspired by a design process that drew on fictional concepts from a parallel timeline of the company’s history isn’t helping matters. It was hoped that the Alpha2 roadster would have been indicative of what DeLorean would have produced in 1996. The Alpha3 is a luxury sedan that was released in 2013, while the Alpha4 is a hydrogen-powered SUV that was released in 2013. The three concept cars were also brought to Pebble Beach by DeLorean Motors Reimagined.

The 2+2 seat electric Alpha5 is expected to reach 155 mph, and DeLorean claims it can accelerate from 0-60 mph in 2.99 seconds. This all-wheel-drive car has multi-mode adaptive suspension and should get about 300 miles out of its 100 kWh battery. The Alpha5 will be available for purchase in 2024, according to DeLorean, and preorder information will be released “soon.”

The other concept cars that DeLorean brought to Monterey were the ones with a more forward-looking outlook on the future. In 2024, Alpha5 owners can upgrade to the longer and more wagon-like Plasmatail. The stretched model has the same passenger capacity as the standard version but more cargo room.

While the DeLorean ideas tend to focus on a fictitious past, the Omega idea looks forward. The Omega concept car, an attempt to foretell the DeLorean’s design language in 2040, combines the design freedom of an electric powertrain with an off-road-racing attitude, complete with massive wheels and a single massive windshield that appears to extend from the grille to the taillights. The hourglass shape is athletic and sleek when viewed from above. According to DeLorean, it’s a sign of the “side windows? We think the correct phrase is “completely new approach to automotive design.” You won’t need side windows for our trip.”