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Democratic voters were more focused on the fight with Donald Trump, because the conservative grassroots were too busy fighting against Joe Biden

His presence in politics is making it more difficult for people to launch a modern day Tea Party movement.



And in Arizona, Republican nominee Blake Masters raised about 75% of his money from individuals between April and July, while Kelly raised 95% of his money from corporations. Moreover, the Democratic incumbent outraised Masters by over $12 million last month, with nearly half of the total he raised from individuals coming from small-dollar donations. Only 18% of the $626,000 raised by the Master’s from individuals last quarter was hidden from public view.

Taken together, these numbers and Trump’s ongoing fundraising success suggest that the conservative grassroots is still largely behind the former president and not the other candidates in his party. Though Republicans have promised to run ads against the IRA in the run-up to the midterm elections in November, the passage of Biden’s signature bill hasn’t altered this dynamic.

Rep. Jim Banks, chair of the Republican Study Committee, who led efforts to educate GOP House members on the IRA prior to its passage, predicted that the bill would grow in unpopularity as more people became aware of its contents. If voters get wind of it before the election, it will have far-reaching consequences.

This report was compiled with the help of Olivia Beavers and Sam Stein.