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Despite the voluntary move, this is going to make it difficult for subscribers of Xbox Game Pass to stay in their time contract

Xbox Game Pass subscribers won’t be able to play a lot of games on August 31st.



Gamers’ perspectives on the Xbox ecosystem and video games in general have been shifted by the introduction of Xbox Game Pass. Whether or not a game will be available on Game Pass on launch day, in the future, and so on is a perennially hot topic of discussion ahead of each new release. Many gamers talk about Xbox Game Pass because it is cheap, has a steady stream of new reveals every two weeks (with the odd surprise in between major reveals), and has a bright future. Even if Microsoft is playing catch-up to Xbox Game Pass’s success, the concept of having all first-party Xbox games available on Day 1 is very appealing.

This design also explains why Xbox Game Pass regularly adds new games at a much faster rate than it removes old ones. Microsoft also gives fans ample notice so that they can complete anything of interest to them before it is taken down, and offers a discount if they choose to purchase it before it is taken down. Removals are typically less painful when scheduled in this way, but August 31 is an exception. It’s impossible to sugarcoat that.

It’s no secret that Xbox Game Pass is losing subscribers and games.

Every month on the 15th and again on the 30th/31st, five games are taken off Xbox Game Pass. However, on August 31st, ten games will be removed from the rotation. Many spectators might not even notice if only a few extra games were being removed. However, many excellent games are actually leaving the service.

Exiting Xbox Game Pass Users, as of August 31

Elite Dangerous


Warnings for the Traveler in NBA 2K22


In the Next Twelve Minutes

A Health Care Facility at Two Point

All That Is Left of Edith Finch

In the event of World War Z

Hades, a game that has become emblematic of the roguelike subgenre, is a major casualty. The game has received high praise, and many have begun drawing comparisons to Hades. It’s a huge disappointment for those who have been using Xbox Game Pass and a setback for those who had been considering signing up for the service but hadn’t gotten around to it yet. There aren’t many games that can’t be properly covered in two weeks, but this is one of them. Subscribing players will also miss out on critically acclaimed games like Spiritfarer, Two Point Hospital, and What Remains of Edith Finch. In the case of Two Point Hospital, this is especially unfortunate because some people who try out the new Two Point Campus may long for the classic version.

The less heralded but necessary additions help round it out. Playing World War Z with friends is great, and sports fans love NBA 2K22 (though NBA 2K23 is expected to replace it soon even if it hasn’t been formally announced). Many games, including major ones like Red Dead 2 and Grand Theft Auto, have previously been removed from Game Pass, but the quality and quantity being removed on August 31 hits differently. Though one day may be gloomy, the future of Xbox Game Pass is as bright as ever.

There are a few games available each month for Xbox Game Pass subscribers.

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