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Devin White: Tom Brady’s been doing this so long, he doesn’t need to be here

Buccaneers quarterback Tom Brady will be away from the team through Aug. 20 for a pre-planned, excused absence for a “personal issue.” Given Brady’s stature, experience, and history of winning, no one appears concerned about how Brady being away might affect the team. Head coach Todd Bowles and General Manager Jason Licht made that clear [more]



Tom Brady, the quarterback for the Buccaneers, will be excused from duty through August 20 due to a “personal matter.”

No one seems concerned about how Brady’s absence from the squad may damage it given his height, experience, and winning record.

In separate media appearances on Thursday, head coach Todd Bowles and general manager Jason Licht made it obvious. After the day’s combined practice with the Dolphins, linebacker Devin White agreed when addressing the media.

According to Greg Auman of, White stated that “He’s a grown guy, growner than a lot of us in the locker room.” He is a person. He has personal issues, but he has been doing this for so long that he doesn’t need to be here, in the end.

The team is aware that Brady is still employed, White said.

When he returns, White predicted that he won’t miss a beat. We are praying for anything he is facing personally in addition to his football career. We hope that everyone else agrees.

When questioned if Brady’s absence had anything to do with his health, Bowles merely responded that the quarterback was dealing with a personal problem. Licht further stressed that the absence was scheduled in advance.

Debra White Tom Brady doesn’t need to be here since he’s been doing this for so long. first published on Pro Football Talk