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Did Call of Duty steal another skin from a custom game mode?

Activision recently released Call of Duty with a new stand-alone game mode that is drawing some comparisons to a character skin from an older game.



Activision is under fire for possibly plagiarizing yet another existing skin design in Call of Duty, just a few weeks after being accused of stealing an artists’ dog skin concept.

Call of Duty recently made the Doomsayer skin for Shigenori Ota available as part of the Malware Ultra Skin Bundle, which was announced on Twitter earlier this week. As much as the new skin piqued the interest of some players in the game’s community, others quickly pointed out its eerily familiarity to skins from other games.

Doomsayer wears a glowing skull-themed helmet and bulky black armor, both of which are covered by a hood. It’s an eye-catching style for sure, but it may not have originated with Activision’s designers.

The Doomsayer skin design was allegedly stolen by Activision.

A small but vocal subset of Call of Duty players quickly chimed in to point out that the Doomsayer skin is hardly unique. Some people immediately thought of a July cosmetic item for DEADROP. Midnight Society is a new studio co-founded by Guy “Dr Disrespect” Beahm and Robert Bowling, who previously worked at Infinity Ward, and they are developing DEADROP.

When compared, the skins share a lot of characteristics. Both wear bulky black armor with similar shapes and patterns, and sport a glowing blue skull on their helmets. Many people were quick to conclude that Activision had at least been moderately inspired by the new DEADROP skin.

It was so similar that Bowling even made a remark about it. He suggested that he be honored with the skin’s naming on Twitter.

When it comes to DEADROP’s skin design, though, did Activision steal it? Simon “Ghost” Riley is an operator in Call of Duty who has previously appeared in games wearing a hood over his face and a skull mask. After that, a skin called Disciple of the Dark Aether was added to operator Weaver in Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War and Warzone, and it featured a glowing skull. There has been a long tradition of LED-detailed skins in Call of Duty, so the Doomsayer skin may simply be an extension of that design philosophy.

Activision has not commented on the allegations of theft as of yet.

Has Call of Duty been responsible for another skin theft? The post This could be DEADROP