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Different cars race against each other in unusual competitions – like Camaro VS Street Rod and more

It’s a “built vs bought” moment in time where modified and stock worlds collide.



It’s a showdown between custom and factory settings, or “built vs bought.”

In case you missed it, the video up top shows modified cars competing against stock or nearly stock vehicles. If we want to compare performance, we can’t use this method. This article is not meant to promote or mock any particular product line. We adore both the do-it-yourself mechanics and the casual drivers among you. Basically, we just thought it was a cool video of drag racing, so we thought you might too. We wish you a carefree time with it.

Since there can be strong attachment to a particular brand, we feel it necessary to provide this caveat. And it’s not often that a Honda Civic can keep up in a drag race against a vehicle powered by a Hellcat V8 engine. When watching the compilation clip, that first race stands out as the most exciting competition. We won’t reveal what happens, but we will say that a second Civic shows up and absolutely destroys a Charger Hellcat that is having serious problems with traction.

Not only is there a showdown between a Civic and a Hellcat in this clip. A rusty, diesel-powered Dodge Ram nearly beats a Mustang Shelby GT350, but a Chevrolet Camaro ZL1 has no chance against a classic hot rod. Next up is a Ford Festiva with a completely dented front clip and no body panels. A Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat is its racing opponent. At least, that’s what it aims to do.

More Drag Racing Action:

We haven’t even gotten halfway through this collection of mismatched machines. A Ford diesel pickup takes on a second Challenger Hellcat in an attempt to take it out. The Model 3 from Tesla takes on a fourth-generation Civic wagon from Japan, which is unusual because it has all-wheel drive. And we get to watch a race between a C8 Corvette and a vintage Chevy Nova, both of which are equally fast. However, one motorist has a lot more track experience.

You can kick back and relax while you watch some wacky drag racing. Feel free to inject some friendly ribbing into the comments section. Always keep in mind that the more lightly you approach it, the more you will enjoy it.