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Disney Parks is filming a movie based on a ride

Disney isn’t letting up on their movie releases and they’re bringing back yet another one in the box office smash Pirates of the Caribbean.



Comic book movies have become quite popular. The box office performance of movies based on video games has not improved. The movies based on the rides at amusement parks, however, have been all over the map. Disney is continuing to press forward with another in development project based on the wildest ride in the wilderness, Big Thunder Railroad, after last year’s smashing success of Jungle Cruise, the first theme park associated film not dubbed Pirates of the Caribbean.

According to Deadline, Bert and Bertie, who directed four episodes of the Hawkeye series for Disney+ and a portion of Our Flag Means Death, are in negotiations to direct a Big Thunder Railroad movie from a script by Kieran and Michele Mulroney, who wrote Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows and the 2017 Power Rangers.

Obviously, it’s way too early to have any idea what a Big Thunder Mountain Railroad movie would be about, but we can certainly assume that it would be a western (because the Frontierland attraction is set in that time period) and that it will contain a runaway train. Bert and Bertie’s presentation supposedly convinced Disney to sign on with them, so whatever it is, it’s got folks thrilled.

As so, this might be the seventh film, TV show, or other media adaptation of a Disney theme park attraction currently in the works. Already scheduled for release next year is a new Haunted Mansion starring Owen Wilson and Tiffany Haddish, among others. That’s the only one we’re sure to get, while plans are in the works for a few more.

Two separate Pirates of the Caribbean films are currently under production. The first is said to introduce a new pirate character played by Margot Robbie, while the second is said to continue the story of the existing franchise without Johnny Depp in the role of Captain Jack Sparrow. After the massive popularity of the original Jungle Cruise film during the epidemic era, Disney has announced that they will be making a sequel.

In addition, despite the small lawsuit drama between the two, Scarlett Johansson is still apparently on board to produce, and maybe feature in, a film adaptation of the Tower of Terror. A movie adaptation of Space Mountain was also discussed not so long ago, but its status is unknown at this time.