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Do you know whether or not someone’s removed access to your account?

Unfortunately, the League of Legends and Valorant accounts either were never created or were removed. Riot Games had to cancel additional game servers due to a player-made exploit.



Your long-forgotten League of Legends or Valorant account won’t let you log in. Your account was probably deleted in a mass delete wave by Riot Games.

League of Legends and Valorant are two of the most played video games produced by Riot Games. The two games feature a lot of negative actors that establish new accounts to tamper with ranks because of their rising renown. Few hackers deploy third-party software on their primary accounts, and trolls prefer to use false accounts to annoy other gamers. Due to inactive accounts caused by the large number of malevolent actors, the data pool has become stagnant.

Recently, Riot Games deleted all dormant accounts, so Valorant and League players might wish to check their previous IDs to make sure.

As to why Riot is purging dormant accounts,

Mass deletion’s primary objective is to protect player privacy while preserving the health of the game. According to Riot, useless data doesn’t help players or the developer; it just takes up space.

The statement from Riot Games read, “We’re committed to merely keeping data around for as long as required, and this involves erasing accounts that both haven’t been active in a while and never accomplished much to begin with.

As a result, if you haven’t logged into your League of Legends or Valorant account in a while, it can be permanently deleted. The removal wave isn’t random, though. It has very strict requirements that an inactive account must meet in order to be deleted. Therefore, you are secure if you occasionally login into your account throughout the last three years.

The following requirements must be met in order for an account to be considered for deletion due to inactivity.

The account is dormant (no one has logged in for more than three years).

Throughout its existence, the account never bought any in-game cash.

The lifespan of the account did not include any gaming currency.

Less than 20 hours have been spent playing the game, and the account has no rights to any rare, limited edition games.

How can you tell whether your Riot account was deleted?

You will be notified through email at the email address we have on file for your account if your account has been flagged for deletion due to inactivity. With the exception of, you won’t be able to log into any of your games, applications, or online sites.

Since the wave starts in the upcoming months, players still have time to stop their accounts from being removed. Therefore, you might want to log in again and get in touch with player support if you receive an email designating your account as inactive.

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