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Do you need to crossplay in Path of Exile? That’s a question for the developers

Or will people need to log in and out of multiple platforms?



The regular and substantial updates to Path of Exile are well-known for the extensive new game modes they add to the game. While it is possible to tackle all of this as a lone player, the constantly shifting grind isn’t nearly as enjoyable. The game’s campaign and the seasonal challenges are more fun to take on with a group of friends. How simple is that, though? What about your friends who use a different console than you do? Can you still play together in a group?

I was wondering if Path of Exile supported multiplayer with other games.

Due to the lack of crossplay, it should come as no surprise that Path of Exile also lacks any sort of cross-progression. The same minor restriction applies to Mac and PC players, as save data can be moved between platforms. This is a nice feature, but it only benefits a (very) tiny fraction of gamers.

Is cross-server play planned for Path of Exile 2?

Despite the lack of official confirmation, there appears to be some hope for crossplay (or cross-progression) in the upcoming sequel. Chris Wilson, a member of GGG, was quoted as saying the team is thinking about implementing crossplay by Wccftech. Naturally, there is a big difference between thinking about a feature and actually implementing it, especially with something as difficult and complex as crossplay.