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Does the Tower of Fantasy Monthly Pass provide a benefit?

I don’t know why once a month is considered ‘a whole month’.



these products and how much you play the game, just as with any other transaction. With the option to purchase up to a year’s worth at once, the Monthly Pass Supplies bundle is available for $4.99 for one month. You will receive the following when you buy it:

daily 100 Dark Crystals

While the subscription is active, one random box is delivered each day.

only once Tanium redemption for 300

On the high end, the Random Box’s potential rewards include Gold Nucleus, Proof of Purchase, and SSR Relic Shard Boxes; on the more likely draws, they include Weapon Batteries and Matrix Data Packs. If you are someone who is very serious about the game and plays every day, this will be a better deal for you. In order to obtain these goodies, you need to at least login to the game and claim them every day, or you forfeit that box for the day. We strongly advise passing this along to anyone who only logs on once or twice a week.

For someone who often plays Tower of Fantasy, $4.99 is not a bad price. If you decide to go, we advise taking it one month at a time because you never know if you’ll still be interested in the game one month from now. Save your money and wait until you need more to renew your subscription before purchasing more Monthly Passes.