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Drone strikes hit the Russian Black Sea fleet in Crimea

Russia says its headquarters for its Black Sea Fleet have reportedly come under attack from a drone.



Early Saturday, Russian officials said, a drone struck the headquarters of Russia’s Black Sea fleet. This came as strikes continued on military targets in the occupied Crimean Peninsula.

Russian occupying governor of Crimea Mykhailo Razvozhaev reported on his Telegram channel that he was present when a “drone flew to the roof” of a building in Sevastapol.

He lamented that the plane “unfortunately” had not been shot down.

The unmanned aerial vehicle was “shot down right above the fleet headquarters,” he claimed in a later “clarification” of the incident, which was also shared on Telegram. Fire broke out after it crashed through the roof. Defeat was not achieved. That’s some good work, you guys.

Large amounts of smoke could be seen rising from the fleet’s headquarters in photos and videos posted online by Ukrainian politicians and media outlets, suggesting that the attack had taken place. NBC News was unable to confirm them on their own.

The attack followed a week of explosions at military facilities and airfields on the occupied peninsula, suggesting that the Ukrainian armed forces or their allies are gaining the capability to strike deep behind enemy lines.

Kyiv has refrained from making any official claims of responsibility for the blasts, but a government official who spoke to NBC News this week on condition of anonymity because he was not authorized to disclose information about the strikes to journalists did confirm that pro-Ukrainian saboteurs were responsible.

The official did not confirm or deny the involvement of the Ukrainian armed forces or special forces in the attacks.

In another development, the Russian news agency Tass claimed that Ukrainian drones were shot down by anti-aircraft systems over the small town of Nova Kakhova, located east of the city of Kherson.

Kherson, the largest city in the region and the first regional capital to fall under Russian control, is home to around 300,000. By taking the city, Moscow will be able to supply its forces in Crimea with potable water.

Meanwhile, on Saturday, a Russian missile struck a residential area of a Ukrainian town near a nuclear power station, injuring 12 civilians and raising concerns of a nuclear accident, according to Ukrainian officials.

Mykolaiv region governor Vitaliy Kim announced on the Telegram messaging app that four children aged three to seventeen were among the injured in the attack on Voznesensk, which damaged several private residences and a five-story apartment building.

Pivdennoukrainsk is roughly 19 miles from the country’s second-largest nuclear power plant, located in Pivdennoukrainsk.

The Ukrainian energy company Energoatom, which oversees all four nuclear power plants in the country, called the attack on Voznesensk “another act of Russian nuclear terrorism.”

According to a statement released by Energoatom, “it is possible that this missile was aimed specifically at the Pivdennoukrainsk Nuclear Power Plant,” which the Russian military attempted to seize in early March.

Russia’s response was delayed, and NBC News was unable to confirm the allegations without help from Russian authorities.

After Russian President Vladimir Putin warned French President Emmanuel Macron on Friday that shelling the Russian-controlled Zaporizhzhia nuclear power plant to the east of Mykolaiv could result in a large-scale disaster, the Mykolaiv attacks occurred.

Putin agreed to send an IAEA mission to the plant, according to a readout of the call provided by Macron’s office.