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Drought Watch: Residents urged to save water in Madison

Conditions like hot and dry weather can quickly deplete water supplies. Keep these simple practices in mind to conserve water.



Avoid letting the water run while rinsing dishes while doing it by hand.

Instead of using running water to wash your produce, use a pan of water, and then use the same water to water your houseplants.

The water system is currently under additional stress due to a lack of rain and high temperatures brought on by the ongoing heat wave.

The New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection has further recommendations, including:

Avoid overwatering your lawn and landscaping.

While shaving and brushing, shut the faucet.

In order to collect water from a downspout, use a rain barrel.

Use mulch and native plants in your garden to reduce water usage.

Morris County is now categorized by the US Drought Monitor, which has a broader definition of drought than the DEP, as primarily “abnormally dry,” with some places falling into the category of “extreme drought.” This results in slowed agricultural growth, delayed planting, increased fire risk, and wilting of lawns and gardens.

According to officials, the DEP will keep a careful eye on water supplies and will inform the public, local governments, and water systems as necessary.

Madison residents are urged to save water during the drought, according to an article that first appeared on Madison Patch.