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Eagles WR Devon Allen, an Olympian sprinter, dives into a celebration to celebrate his long touchdown catch against the Cleveland Browns

Eagles WR Devon Allen catches a 55-yard touchdown against the Browns, then celebrates by stumbling forward.



through the end zone as a celebration, which he claimed to have invented after speaking with Tyree Jackson before the game.

“Oh man, Tyree,” one of our tight ends, I was just like, “Man, I don’t know, what should I do if I score?” He suggested that I jump over a hurdle, and I replied, “Got you,” Allen responded.

Hurry the party! Eagles @DevonAllen13 NBA (@NBA) 21 August 2022

Fans of the Ducks may recognize the celebration because he did it while he was a student at Oregon.

Hurtle them, #USA @DevonAllen13 Tweeted GoDucks (@GoDucks) 11 September 2016

Devon Allen, age 40

Allen’s speed is undeniable. If he couldn’t run quickly, he wouldn’t be a national hurdles champion. But what’s his speed on a straight line?

According to OregonLive, Allen scored an amazing 4.35-second 40 time when he took part in Oregon’s Pro Day.

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That would undoubtedly work in the NFL since it is fast enough. According to Stathead, among the receivers that recorded that time at the NFL combine were legendary players DeSean Jackson and Calvin Johnson, as well as current notable receivers Terry McLaurin and Quez Watkins.

Allen’s route from a different perspective demonstrates how simple it was for him to blow past the defense.