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Education Secretary to lowering teacher standards is “unfortunate”

More competitive pay is part of what makes better working conditions possible. Miguel Cardona believes that.



On Sunday’s “Face the Nation” on CBS, Education Secretary Miguel Cardona said that he believes that higher pay, rather than lowered standards for teachers, is a key component in addressing the country’s teacher shortage.

Cardona told host Margaret Brennan, “Unless we’re serious about providing competitive salaries for our educators, better working conditions, so that they can continue to grow… we’ll constantly deal with shortage issues, especially in our areas that are harder to teach or where there are fewer candidates.”

Teachers’ opinions should be considered in the “process of reopening and reimagining our schools,” as Cardona put it.

The secretary of education said it was unfortunate that some states had lowered standards for teachers in order to attract more personnel.

Florida is providing temporary teaching credentials to veterans without certifications, and Arizona has eliminated its requirement that teachers have a bachelor’s degree.

There is a pressing need to provide our students with more resources rather than fewer… “I do not support lowering any standards for qualifications with teachers,” Cardona said.

According to the National Education Association, there is a critical shortage of 300,000 educators in the United States.

Governor Chris Sununu, a Republican in New Hampshire, has spoken out in favor of streamlining the process by which teachers are certified, saying that he hates “the rigmarole” that causes unnecessary delays.

He said on “Fox News Sunday” that every state has the chance to “streamline the regulatory, permitting, and certification processes, whether it’s teachers or manufacturers.” This is where we’re doing it. We’re simplifying everything.