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Electric vehicle sales are 41 percent higher in its first half of 2022 Reports from researcher suggests that these types of vehicles will be popular in the future

Electric vehicles are becoming more and more common, according to Urban Science, an automotive consultant and technology company.



According to Urban Science, an automotive consultancy and technology company, we are beginning to witness a tremendous and huge surge in EV sales as they become more readily available across the nation.

Sales of electric vehicles (including plug-in hybrids) increased by 41% this year over last. They now account for 6.2% of sales of all new vehicles. From 3.6 percent in the first half of 2021, this is an increase. Even though the study claims that other sales decreased in the first half of 2022, this still occurred.

Naturally, California led the way with 133,920 sales in the first half of the year. That accounted for one-third of all EV sales nationally. Florida came in at a distant second place. There were 33,006 EV sales in the Sunshine State. Although the number is 100,000 below California’s, it still indicates a rise of 64% from the previous year.

The Southeast as a whole is currently expanding at the fastest rate for customer popularity, according to Mitch Phillips, global director of data at Urban Science, who spoke with Automotive News.

The top five states with the most EV sales were comprised of New York, Texas, and New Jersey. Despite this, New York was only a thousand electric vehicles short of Florida’s total. For second place, there is a true two-horse race. Because it is unlikely that any state would ever surpass what California is doing in terms of EV sales, I say second place. Lapping the field is the state.

According to Urban Science’s prediction, fewer new cars will be sold in 2022 than in 2021. Compared to the 826 automobiles sold in 2021, dealerships are predicted to sell five fewer cars this year.