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Elizabeth Holmes decided to end her work with Theranos at Burning Man

Tom Cruise got a sudden and unexpected call to appear in this suspenseful series at the last minute. Find out how the last scene almost changed everything.



Elizabeth Holmes covered in glow sticks is an image that’s hard to conjure, but The Dropout came close.

Hulu’s limited series stars Amanda Seyfried as Holmes, the biotech entrepreneur and founder of Theranos who was found guilty on four counts of fraud in January 2022.

In the end, The Dropout, which chronicled the ups and downs of the startup and its founder, closes on a somber note, with Holmes and her dog getting into an Uber after an argument with Theranos lawyer Linda Tanner (Michaela Watkins), although the series almost ended quite differently.

Elizabeth Meriweather, the show’s creator and showrunner, told The Hollywood Reporter on August 11 that the finale was originally planned to take place at Burning Man “because she made this trip to Burning Man with her new fiancé, Billy [Evans], and they had posted all over Instagram about it, and it just felt like a really interesting place for a quote-unquote rebirth.”

According to the New York Times, Holmes and Evans attended a party together at the desert art gathering in 2018 as her company was collapsing and a fraud indictment loomed. (The couple tied the knot in a low-key ceremony the following year.)

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Although Meriweather intended to demonstrate the couple’s trip to the festival, cosmic forces intervened.

She explained, “It was somehow a blessing in disguise because with COVID, we were absolutely not going to Burning Man.” To paraphrase, “we had to rework that whole finale, and it just became her getting into an Uber, which perfectly worked.”

Meriweather has mentioned that she had severe writer’s block going into the finale, so the fact that everything came together so perfectly is even more astounding.

“I was genuinely scared about writing the finale,” she said. I delayed taking action on it over and over again. Hulu was all, “You need to write this ending!” after I’d put it off for far too long. It was challenging for me to think, “How can I conclude this story when it is in progress?”

When you consider that The Dropout was nominated for six Emmys (including acting nods for Seyfried and Meriweather and a nod for Outstanding Limited or Anthology Series), you can rest assured that everything turned out just great.

It’s possible to watch every episode of The Dropout on Hulu.

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