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Emma Watson Covers Men’s Health Magazine

Emma Watson directed a campaign video for a new Prada fragrance.



With a promotional video for a new Prada fragrance, Emma Watson makes her directorial debut.

In a brand-new Prada marketing image, Emma Watson appears to be sporting her recognizable pixie cut once again.

In a recently published commercial preview, the actress, 32, who is also the face of Prada’s new fragrance, can be seen appearing to be having a good time while sporting a cute pixie cut, face-framing micro bangs, and brushed-up eyebrows.

In the photo, Watson was wearing a gorgeous bright orange shirt and had a large Prada earring hanging from her ear. Her eyes were lined with a strong black liquid liner, but her facial makeup was left natural to highlight her freckles.

A sneak glimpse of the fragrance campaign’s short film directed by the Perks of Being a Wallflower actress was shared on Friday, August 19, on the official Prada Beauty Instagram page.

The sensuous video’s tagline asks, “Why should I be framed? “Introducing the directorial debut of @emmawatson. A powerful celebration of what it means to live as a paradox. A thorough exploration of her numerous differences and how they converge in surprising symbioses.”

The new fragrance, whose name hasn’t been revealed, is anticipated to go on sale on August 21.

The teaser includes several artistic Watson video put to love songs as well as a voice-over from Watson asking, “Why should I be framed?”

On her own Instagram, Watson also announced the news, writing, “I asked if I could be the director when Prada invited me to be the face of their newest fragrance campaign. I can now share with you all the outcomes of their faith that they placed in me after several months. I can’t wait to show you this work of art, and I sincerely hope you like it as much as I did. Without the help of my amazing team of partners, I could never have accomplished this. We appreciate your time, effort, talent, and dedication.”

Watson appears to still have her long hair in a brief clip from the video, raising doubts over whether the pixie cut in the campaign photo is a wig or if it’s back for real.

After wrapping up the Harry Potter film series more than ten years ago, the actress and campaigner sported the hairdo before, telling Wonderland in 2014, “I felt more myself with that haircut.”

If she weren’t an actress, she claimed she would maintain it that way constantly. “I might be able to shake it out like a dog and wash it in the sink. It requires such little upkeep! “At the time, she said.

We’ll have to wait for now to learn more information about the impending scent and Watson’s present appearance!

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