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Energy Secretary Sophie Granholm supports the US President Obama’s Clean energy plan as the best peace plan around

Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm said on Friday that clean energy is the “greatest peace plan” that the world has ever known.



The United States’ push toward green energy, according to Jennifer Granholm, the secretary of energy under Vice President Joe Biden, has been called the “greatest peace plan in the history of the world” in a recent interview.

“If we want to be energy secure and energy independent, that means we’ve got to produce our own energy,” Granholm told VOA News on Friday. “Irish Energy Minister, my counterpart in that department, has stated that solar energy has never been used for military purposes. Nobody has ever managed to harness the wind and use it as a weapon. Transitioning to renewable energy could end up being the most effective peace plan in history.”

Right-wing Twitter users were quick to call out Granholm for her remark, and the Republican National Committee even shared a link to a tweet drawing attention to the controversy.

“The war in Ukraine and the resulting energy crisis were entirely brought about by ‘clean energy’ and climate idiocy,” author and Fox News contributor Steve Milloy responded. Airhead who lies a lot.

We can’t rely on the volatility of fossil fuels, Energy Secretary Granholm says as the ban on Russian oil takes effect.

The Granholm campaign did not immediately respond to Fox News Digital’s request for comment.

When Granholm brought up the exchange with her Irish counterpart in April, Republican Congresswoman Cathy McMorris Rodgers called her out on Twitter for what she called her “dangerous” line of thinking.


Granholm stated in the interview that the government is pushing for increased oil production “at the moment, but “ultimately we’ve got to move to clean.”

The bill signed by the president yesterday represents the United States’ most ambitious effort to date to mitigate the effects of global warming “In reference to the Democratically-passed and -signed spending bill, Granholm stated. “By a factor of ten, this climate change bill is the most ambitious one the United States has ever passed. It is crucial for the safety of our energy supply. Likewise, I am aware that our European allies are making similar efforts.”

With temperatures dropping and more Europeans needing heating, Granholm was asked if the coming winter months will be “difficult” for Europe because of efforts to reduce dependence on Russian energy, which many fear will cause an energy crisis.

Granholm predicted that this would be the case, adding that NATO members are solidly opposed to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and will not give up on the plan to “wean” themselves off of Russian energy.

“It’s going to be an expensive winter,” Granholm predicted. “I have no doubt that European leaders are trying to find ways to soften the blow of price hikes for regular people. But I am confident that they will eventually abandon their reliance on Russian fuels in favor of more sustainable alternatives.”