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Escape From Tarkov (EFT) Update Patch Notes: Lighthouse Map Fix

The latest patch notes from tactical multiplayer first-person shooter Escape from Tarkov include a variety of fixes.



After two hours of server maintenance, the newest patch for Escape from Tarkov (EFT), version, has been released. In addition to addressing an issue with the Escape from Tarkov Lighthouse map, developer Battlestate Games has also added a new sound effect that plays whenever a player walks over plastic surfaces. When you move across wooden floors, you’ll hear a special sound effect.

Scav player spawn locations have been optimized, and network latency has been lowered, among the many other changes made this time around. This new update should be helpful if you put in a lot of time playing Escape from Tarkov. Those who have had problems with the Lighthouse map in the past can finally put them behind them.

You can expect a realistic first-person shooter experience with some tactical depth in Escape from Tarkov. It’s a multiplayer simulation like Rainbow Six: Extraction or Hunt: Showdown, with a PvPvE mode and extraction-based gameplay. It’s a first-person shooter with a small but dedicated fan base and a lack of competitors.

Curious about the Escape from Tarkov Update and its new features? Some of the key points from the update note are included below.

Patch for Escape from Tarkov: Improvements and Adjustments

Update 1.0 for Escape from Tarkov brings numerous changes to the first-person shooter and multiplayer simulator. What follows are summaries and details of each correction.


Reduced latency for all players by improving the network buffer

Improved Player Scav spawn system to avoid random spawns

The icon for the “task item” has been updated. Now it will only show up if using that tool is still necessary. Added new sounds of movement on plastic surfaces; icon no longer appears if subtask is finished and all items have been transferred.

Changed the way thin wood floors and furniture creak when you walk on them.

The thud of empty shell casings hitting plastic has been added.

Graphics options now include a toggle for enabling reworked Mip Streaming. There are now two additional toggles in the graphics menu:

Maximum number of disk requests for Mip Streaming: Loading textures at a specific quality takes longer as the value drops. Increasing the value will decrease the time it takes for textures to load, but it will place more demand on the hard drive. The opposite effect—slower texture loading times—may occur on slow drives due to a large queue of drive operations.

The size of the buffer is the amount of memory set aside for loading textures at a specific quality. Larger values result in higher peak disk loads and quicker texture loading times.


Patched ingress to fire trucks on Shoreline and Lighthouse.

If two players went into a raid at different times, they will now be able to see each other on the lobby screen of The Lab (daytime and nighttime)

Locations of the VOIP buttons have been optimized for the 2560×1080 display.

Correction made to bot behavior after being injured by barbed wire

Corrected an issue where Player Scav’s heavy breathing at low stamina wasn’t being heard.

We corrected the SSR-enabled rain’s effect on the luminous plants.

Airdrops that could have caused collisions have had their drop points adjusted.

We corrected the phrase settings resetting after making other adjustments, and we reduced the interaction radius of the WARTECH TV-109 + TV-106 chest rig when it was on the ground.

The issue where players couldn’t move loot from the after-raid screen to Scav’s inventory has been fixed.

Corrected the incorrect display of the special slots icon at low resolutions Fixed the localization of the “item is not found in stash” error that occurs when trying to use it for a barter on the Flea Market

Improved the experience of trying to stand under low-riding vehicles like trailers, wagons, and trucks

Updated the character’s stationary third-person jump animation when they are overweight.

Quickened the rate at which the player can assume the prone position after their overweight status was removed.

During sprint, the incorrect jump animation has been corrected.

Issue with secondary screen launching the game fixed.

Issues with guaranteeing RSP flares have been fixed.

Benelli M3 fire mode selection now works correctly even when the weapon is in the bolt-catch position.

Player movement speed while crouching has been corrected, and side-stepping and moving in the opposite direction while crouching now have their respective animations fixed.

Improvements to the Player Scav item transfer screen, including the removal of the incorrect voice lines for English BEAR PMC voices and the correct display of the task item icon

Corrected a bug that caused cartridges for signal pistols and RSP flares to disappear;

Reduced the time it takes for the leaning animation to play when using Q/E leans during slow Alt+A/Alt+D leans Fixed the Rogue bosses’ tendency to seek shelter in buildings on Customs Improved the readability of item names in the inspector for the Japanese and Korean localizations

We’ve fixed a bug that drastically lowered nighttime Factory framerates.

Corrected a bug in the jumping animation that allowed players to go prone.

Escape from Tarkov’s website has the full patch notes for version A pre-release version of Escape from Tarkov can be played on a personal computer right now.

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