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European Allies Discuss Iran as the US considers their latest proposal

Western leaders spoke with Joe Biden, President of the United States, who is considering the consequences on Iran’s new proposal.



The (Bloomberg) As the US considers a response to Tehran’s stance on the most recent proposal, President Joe Biden spoke with other Western leaders on Sunday in an effort to resurrect a nuclear deal with Iran.

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On Sunday, Biden held conversations with UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson, French President Emmanuel Macron, and German Chancellor Olaf Scholz. The initial agreement was signed by the four countries as well as Russia and China.

According to a US readout of the call released on Sunday, the quartet discussed “ongoing discussions” toward a settlement, including “the need to boost support for allies in the Middle East region.”

The statement stated that the four presidents also discussed “common efforts to discourage and restrain Iran’s destabilizing regional activities.” They also spoke about the current state of affairs in Ukraine and vowed to keep supporting the country as it resists Russian aggression.

The discussions will go on. The EU viewed Iran’s Aug. 15 submission of a response to an agreement framework issued by the EU as constructive. Towards its stance regarding Iran’s perspective, the US has remained silent.

Ned Price, a spokesman for the State Department, said on Thursday that “our review of Iran’s comments on the EU proposal continues. The accord that has been on the table since March and that Iran has been in a position to accept since March, if it had the political will to do so, was the basis for a large portion of the initial EU proposal.

According to a Saturday Axios article, the US is attempting to allay Israeli concerns on a potential deal. It’s unclear how much of Sunday’s call was devoted to the need to support Middle East partners given that the US has minimized the situation.


Price stated on August 18 that the US and Israel “see eye to eye on this overarching aim of guaranteeing that Iran can never achieve a nuclear weapon.”

The previous agreement failed in 2018 when then-US President Donald Trump withdrew. After then, Tehran stepped up its uranium enrichment activities.

This round of negotiations is clouded by the US position’s continuing unpredictability. Academic Mohammad Marandi, one of Iran’s nuclear negotiators, said Tehran wants a language that ensures the US would “pay a price” if it again withdrew.

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