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Every unused type combo in Pokémon, ranked

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There are countless type combinations to experiment with since there are approximately 1,000 Pokémon in the wild. However, quite a few dual types still exist that haven’t actually been evolved into Pokémon. You might be surprised to learn that only Volcanion (shown at the top of this post) possesses both Fire and Water type. Numerous evolutionary lines and regional forms exhibit extreme typing, although not all possible combinations are included. All the ones that aren’t being used have been ranked and their potential benefits considered.

16. Regular / Bug

Considering that normal type is meant to be a balanced, all-around category, it isn’t necessarily the most fascinating. Since the majority of these Pokémon are adaptations of real animals, a Normal/Bug type would most likely just resemble Caterpie up there. Not particularly fascinating, but something needs to be last on the list.

15. Standard / Rock

If only because rocks are already commonplace objects, this would be a little funny. Put some googly eyes on a rock to create a pre-Nosepass and Probopass-looking pet rock, and you’re good to go.

14. Regular / Toxic

What in everyday life is most likely to be poisonous? A leaf of poison ivy? The Bellsprout line in Gen I is the first in a long line of plant-themed Pokémon in the franchise. It’s not impossible for the version to be poisonous; possibly a localized Paldea variety in Scarlet and Violet?

13. Standard/Steel

We must once more ask what “regular” metal thing might function in this situation. Although magnets are appropriate, Magnemite is already in use and is not a Normal/Steel type. It could be possible to create a device similar to Magneton out of multiple pieces of cutlery.

12. Regular / Ice

This seems like a simple one to make happen given the abundance of Normal types: just put one on ice. The Terastallize mechanism created by Scarlet and Violet might be able to accomplish that, if only momentarily. With that, the normies are officially over.

11. Ground combat

A martial arts expert pounding through rocks is a well-known image. However, there is only one Fighting/Rock type (Terrakion, above), and there are no Fighting/Ground types. If a Pokémon could master both a fighting technique and the ground itself, that would say a lot about it. Sounds like a monster with quake-causing punching power.

10. Dark / Bug

Even though this combination isn’t as intriguing as some others, it still looks like a no-brainer. There are several nocturnal insects, including moths, crickets, and mosquitoes. Although Venomoth has Poison as its secondary kind, we do have an example of that last category.

9. Poison and ice

Another dual type that would be appropriate as a regional variety is this one; we can envision a well-known Poison type like Grimer receiving the treatment. A little bit of chilly should work since Alolan Grimer in Pokémon Sun and Moon gave it a new color scheme.

8. Fairy/Ground

This is the first of a few unexplored Fairy pairings in the Pokémon universe. Once more, the options are rather obvious: a gnome or elf, similar to a finer Impidimp. The bargain would really be sealed by an evolution that sends a grounded “mon” into the air with a new set of wings.

7. Fairy/Fire

Players of Dungeons & Dragons should read this. The spell Faeire Fire in that tabletop role-playing game causes an enemy target to glow. Pokémon might receive the same energy from a brilliant, sparkling pixie glowing with magical flames.

6. Steel / Poison

Naganadel, an Ultra Beast of the Poison/Dragon type from Sun and Moon, is shown above. Keep in mind that it virtually has a body shape similar to a large, squeezable needle. A Poison/Steel type would have to go in that route. It would have to be a Pokémon that looks like a poison-injecting instrument.

5. Electrical / Combat

Who wouldn’t want to strike someone with electricity? The first Pokémon to possess this dual type will have strong Dragon Ball Z energy and will be able to fire energized fists and beams. Alternately, it might be a parody of Blanka from Street Fighter. In either case, this blending of kinds strikes us as a Legendary.

4. It’s in the name: bug or dragonfly. Yanma and Yanmega, two of Pokémon’s current dragonflies, are only Bug/Flying kinds. However, it wouldn’t have to be a real dragonfly. It would also be amusing (and frightening) to have large wings on a little centipede or caterpillar.

3. Conflict / Fairy

Oh, you left a tooth for the Tooth Fairy under your pillow? It’s adorable. This Pokémon will just sucker punch you in the face while grabbing any debris that comes out. Tinkerbell wearing boxing gloves is a bad idea.

2. Grass / Fire

Fire and grass have a distinct dynamic than the frequently contrasted forces of fire and water. As the flames consume the grass and vegetation, one surpasses the other. Although it’s an intriguing type idea for a Pokémon, we never actually expect to see it. It would be quite challenging to create something aesthetically pleasing in the context of forest fires and climate change today.

Rock and ghost

It’s right there, Pokémon squad, just go get it. This’mon would serve as a living gravestone, which seems so obvious yet hasn’t been implemented yet. The closest thing we have is Spiritomb (above), although it is a Ghost/Dark kind. Someone made a mistake there.