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Family accidentally booked into a ‘doll’s house’ in lieu of hotel

The family arrived at their holiday rental to discover that the house is a 114-square-foot doll’s house.



were shocked to discover that the home was only 114 square feet.

Dad JJ Keefe reserved the rental vehicle for his family’s trip to Canton, New York, to take his son Aidan to college.

But when they got to the house in the Adirondacks of northern New York, they realized they’d made a mistake.

“My father immediately booked it after seeing that it was inexpensive and had enough space to sleep four people. When we pulled up and saw the size of the house, we all had a good laugh “LADbible cited Kylie, JJ’s daughter.

Kylie and Aiden’s dad booked them into a hotel to avoid a claustrophobic vacation home.

Kylie revealed that her parents and stepmother Erika Keefe stayed in the modest house with their two canine companions.

While they did comment on how small the house was, they said it didn’t bother them because “we were all laughing for pretty much the entire trip.”