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Fans say Trisha Yearwood “looks incredible” after she makes a rare stage appearance wearing tight leather pants

Fans are freaking out over TV personality’s voice and outfit.



Earlier this week, Trisha Yearwood made a somewhat unusual appearance on stage at a concert in Arlington, Texas. Not only because of her singing, but also because of her stunning attire, she has fans in a frenzy.

Trisha has accomplished a lot, including hosting a cooking show, creating music, penning cookbooks, and acting. It’s getting harder and harder to see the singer perform live due to all of this going on and her marriage to hubby Garth Brooks. Of course, she has been a Grand Ole Opry member since 1999, but in the absence of a tour or any upcoming new music, we’ll take what we can get.

She shared a photo from her performance on Instagram while wearing skin-tight black leather trousers (FYI: we spotted a fake on Amazon), which went wonderfully with the rest of her all-black costume (apart from her bright sweater). From the AT&T Stadium seats, smartphone flashlights may be seen in the background “I appreciate the Texas-sized welcome, xo. #GARTHinARLINGTON, “She tagged her image with the legend of country music.

Quick to post their opinions in the comments were fans. “Watching videos from tonight’s show made me feel so ready for a TY tour. You looked and sounded absolutely fantastic, xoxo,” they said.

I’m good, Queen.

The entire time was enjoyed, and what a treat to see you open!

“Amazing beyond belief! Such a privilege to be there”

She sang “She’s in Love with a Boy,” one of her biggest singles, as well as a few other songs during the performance. The country music icon is on tour with Garth, opening a number of his performances. She has previously stated that she and Garth decided against separating frequently. This implies that Trisha joins Garth on tour whenever possible, and vice versa. The couple has been married since 2005, thus it appears that this technique is effective. Of course, she’s also working hard to maintain her acting prowess while filming episodes of her Food Network cooking program Trisha’s Southern Kitchen. P.S. : Amazon is currently offering discounts on all three of Trisha’s best-selling cookbooks.