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Finance Minister to blame for dispute with Teachers Union Students dealing with the protests now

“The government doesn’t care about teachers, parents or students,” the education minister was quoted as saying.



the teachers have threatened to disrupt the educational system by going on strike.

Shasha Biton alleged that “[the Finance Ministry] does not care about teachers, parents, or children.” “They don’t mind if negotiations stretch on until December. The deal that was made is not what actually happened “Added she.

The education minister asserted that the government of Finance Minister Avigdor Libmeran “does not want a deal” and hasn’t sought a settlement since January. Shasha Biton did not directly criticize Liberman, but she did imply that there are “officials” in the ministry who oppose raising teacher pay.

Shasha Biton remembered that “Liberman told me at the beginning of July that he wants a settlement within two weeks.” “I still trust him,”

Deal must provide stability and assurances, says Shasha Biton

Shasha Biton claims that in order to establish a successful resolution that includes “confidence that new teachers have a future and veteran teachers have financial stability,” the Education Ministry has offered a “clear outline” during negotiations.

The Finance Ministry released a study outlining labor costs in the school system for the 2020–2021 academic year amid ongoing strikes and allegations of open posts inside the system. The report’s findings show that the rate of young teachers quitting their jobs has increased significantly, most likely as a result of huge pay gaps for educators.

According to an OECD analysis on teachers’ earnings in 2021, Israel likewise has one of the largest pay discrepancies in the world. The research revealed that the average monthly pay for a full-time teacher was NIS 13,971, while earnings for teachers in training ranged from NIS 5,880 to NIS 25,346.