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Find out the best ways to keep a healthy, tame and comfortable Bob with our comprehensive guide

Here’s the time when you should make an appointment to get your hair trimmed according to celebrity hairstylists.



Currently, bob haircuts are very popular, but if you’re considering the big chop, you need also consider bob maintenance. Different cropped cuts require maintenance to appear their best, from the easy curls of the Boticelli and baby wave bobs to the cool-girl vibes of the boyfriend and bottleneck bobs.

So how frequently should you get a haircut? In order to keep the shape and style, be sure to get trimmed frequently. You should visit your stylist for a trim every month and a half, says Sarah Lund, style master at Kevin Murphy. According to Lund, hair grows on average half an inch per month, depending on personal taste. Therefore, six weeks is the ideal time frame for maintaining your haircut.

The kind of bob you have will also affect how long it takes. Celebrity hairstylist and SexyHair ambassador Clayton Hawkins advises waiting a few months before trimming if you want to go to a lob. “You can get away with going several months before cuts if you have a soft bob that hits your shoulders,” he advises. “During this moment, it can can easily change into a lob. Ideally, you should visit the salon every six weeks if you have a short, crisp cut that ends above the shoulders.

However, there are certain exceptions. If you have a cut with bangs, be careful to maintain your trimming schedule. Any haircut with bangs necessitates a lot of upkeep, according to Hawkins. There are alternative ways to achieve stylish bangs if frequent trips to the salon conflict with your schedule (or your budget). Fortunately, TikTok has a ton of lessons that can help you learn how to cut your fringe. “However, in general, you need to get a cut refreshed more regularly the blunter or sharper it is. A softer cut that will grow out beautifully is what you should want if you don’t want to visit the salon frequently.

Ready to give your hair a new look? The greatest bob style and care advice is provided here.

What kind of bob haircut should I get?

Consider your texture and hair type if this is your first time getting a major haircut. The key to choosing a design that will last is to keep in mind your natural hair texture, according to Lund. For instance, a sleek, blunt bob can hold up between washes if you have straight hair. When worn with a textured, layered bob, naturally curly and wavy hair looks fantastic by simply emphasizing its inherent texture.

How frequently should I wash my short bob?

This is entirely dependent on the kind and texture of your hair, however keep in mind that length is a consideration. Frédéric Fekkai, the company’s founder, claims that shorter hair tends to get oilier more quickly. “I advise people with fine to medium hair to shower their hair every day, while people with thicker hair should wash their hair once or twice a week. Try a hydrating shampoo if you wash your hair more frequently.”

Dry shampoo is a simple and effective solution to extend the duration between washing days. According to their hobbies and lifestyles, some ladies like to go four to six days without washing their hair and have weekly blowouts “Sara Tintari, a session stylist for Balmain Hair Couture, “In-between shampoos, dry shampoo will be your greatest friend if you have coarse, thick, or dry hair that is also straight, wavy, curly, or coiled. You probably wash your hair every day or every other day if you have fine, thin hair or are prone to oil.

How can I keep my styling fresh?

You’ll need to use specific techniques and products if you don’t naturally have curls or waves but still want your hair to have the volume of an airy bob or Botticelli bob. Use humidity-resistant, strong-hold hair treatments to maintain the style. According to Hawkins, the materials you use to blow out and style your hair will determine how long your style will last. “SexyHair’s Weather Proof Humidity Resistant Finishing Spray is my absolute favorite. It practically weatherproofs your look and secures it in place, ensuring long wear. Additionally, after curling your hair, place it in velcro rollers for life and bounce. That greatly promotes longevity.

What tools should I use to style my hair in a bob?

The sort of bob haircut you obtain will determine the products you use. Fortunately, Glamour consulted Lund, Hawkins, Tintari, and Fekkai for their recommendations.

Bob with texture

Use products that help boost volume if you want a textured bob. For additional lift, Tintari uses the Texturizing Volume Spray by Balmain Hair Couture at the root. To highlight the shape and definition of the ends and create a more piecey appearance, I prefer to emulsify a dime-sized amount of Balmain Hair Couture’s Shine Wax. This depends on the symmetry of the intended cut “she claims. Your new best buddy is a texturizing spray if you want to achieve that lived-in look. “A gritty texture spray, such as SexyHair’s Fun Raiser Volumizing Texture Spray, is necessary for a textured layered bob “affirms Hawkins.

Stupid Bob

By taming flyaways and fending off humidity, you can maintain your blunt appearance. Fekkai advises using a primer to shield the hair strands. As your initial step in haircare, he advises spraying the Fekkai Clean Stylers Prime Mist on damp hair. It will assist in preventing split ends and prolong the life of your hairstyle. Apply the Fekkai Straight Balm before blow drying wavy or curly hair to prevent against heat and add shine.” Utilize setting clips to achieve the pin-straight effect. “When setting your hair, use flat clips for a smooth blunt bob, “affirms Hawkins. “Never use a duckbill or shark clip. The enemy are creatures.”

With bangs, Bob

For designs like curtain bangs and bottleneck bangs, preserving the shape is essential. Bangs typically require considerable shaping. According to Tintari, a smoother bang will always dictate length and texture. “For little volume when blow-drying, I suggest using your fingertips or a Denman hair brush.” Giving your bangs body will make them complement your hairstyle rather than overshadow them. “I enjoy using Kevin Murphy Touchable to give my bangs gentle definition “Lund comments.

Glamour’s senior beauty editor is Ariana Yaptangco. Follow her at @arianayap on Instagram.