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Finnish Prime Minister Juha Sipila sat down for a drug test 36 hours after strange footage emerged of him partying

Prime Minister of Finland Panimoika says that she wants to protect herself legally after a party video was released.



innocent. “Even when I was a teenager, I never did drugs,” Marin said.

Instagram videos showing Marin dancing with a group of friends in what appears to be a private setting were first published by the Finnish tabloid Iltalehti. According to Sky News, Marin called the celebrations “pretty wild” and expressed “disappointment” over the release of the videos.

Reports from Finland claimed that a background voice could be heard saying “flour gang,” possibly referring to cocaine. It’s a claim that Marin emphatically refutes.

Marin claimed that nobody at the party drank or did drugs to the best of her knowledge. “I don’t think I’ve ever been in such a situation before,” she told The Guardian. “I didn’t see anyone using drugs on the night in the video.”

She said she drank “moderately” and drove herself home safely after the party by walking “normally” to her car.

One of the world’s youngest leaders, Marin is known for being a social butterfly. She publicly apologized in December 2021 after it was reported that she had clubbed until 4 a.m. despite being infected with COVID-19.

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She went to a rock festival in Finland in July, dressed as a biker in a leather jacket and denim shorts. Others found her to be “effortlessly cool,” but they disagreed on her fashion choices.