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Five of the cutest couples from ‘Love Island’ season 7 in the United States, ranked

These are the cutest couples from Love Island! Mackenzie, Connor, Justine and Caleb



Every season of Love Island brings new couples to the show as well as new drama and betrayal. Following four seasons of the American adaptation of the hit UK dating show, viewers have seen many adorable couples.

This list ranks the top five cutest couples from Love Island US, regardless of whether they won their season, left the island together, or reconciled after previously breaking up.

Connor Trott and Mackenzie Dipman

On the first day of Love Island Season 2, Mackenzie Dipman and Connor Trott seemed like a strong contender for the title. Mackenzie was criticized by fans and islanders for recoupling with a Casa Amore suitor, but she ultimately gave in to the temptation. Mackenzie was kicked off the island, and Connor soon after. He asked her if she would give him another chance, and she did.

They remained together for months after the show ended, making them Season 2’s longest-lasting couple. However, the two broke up because they could not relocate closer to each other for professional reasons.

Two of the players, Cashay “Cash” Proudfoot and Melvin “Cinco” Holland Jr.

As Season 3 progressed, the love triangle between Cashay Proudfoot, Cinco Holland, and Trina Njoroge provided plenty of tension. Before seriously pursuing Trina, Cinco dated Cashay, but eventually broke up with her because he felt Cash wasn’t as interested in him as he was in her. However, he was unable to get over his feelings for Cash, and his attempts to pursue both girls led to his rejection and expulsion from the island.

After Cash was voted off, the couple saw each other again at the airport and began spending a lot of time together despite their long distance relationship. Until they announced their breakup in January 2022, they kept fans informed via social media posts and Instagram Lives. They appear to have parted ways amicably; here’s hoping that friendship lasts.

Elizabeth Weber and Zac Mirabelli

Zac Mirabelli and Elizabeth Weber started dating on the first day, and their budding romance quickly won them both the hearts of their respective fans. They made the decision early on not to pursue anyone else in the villa, and they ended up staying together to the very end. Before they won the first season of the American version of the show, they talked about their lives outside of the villa and even admitted that they were in love.

Despite this, by the end of 2019, the couple had broken up after dating for several months. Zac wrote on his Instagram Story, “The breakup was mutual, and we have left on amicable terms.” We both desired different things, though.

St. Clair, Shannon, and Goldstein, Josh

The third season of Love Island began with Shannon St. Clair and Josh Goldstein as a couple. The couple had their ups and downs, but they were widely regarded as a top contender. Josh’s discovery that his sister had passed away cut short their time on the island. If Shannon had wanted to continue playing, she could have, but she decided to leave the villa with Josh instead.

After moving back in with Josh’s family in Massachusetts, the couple continued to date and frequently posted photos and videos of their time together online. Almost a year later, in June 2022, the couple revealed that they had broken up, but insisted that “there is no bad blood between us” and that they were “literally best friends” who genuinely cared about each other’s happiness.

Caleb Corprew and Justine Ndiba

At the beginning of Season 2, fans fell in love with Justine Nbida, but she was having trouble finding a reliable partner in the villa. She struggled to find her rhythm with a partner until the arrival of newcomer Caleb Corprew. There was undeniable chemistry between him and Justine, and the two continued to develop their relationship until the very end.

They ended up dating for a few months after the show ended because they were the season winners. Caleb wrote on Instagram, “The nature in which we met and fell in love each other comes with a unique set of obstacles that nothing in life can ever prepare you for. Unfortunately, we have decided to part ways.” The honeymoon phase may have been too intense for some couples to survive, but they’ll always have the villa as a reminder of their time together.

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