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FlySafair Brings WhatsApp Flight Booking Management To Its Passengers

The WhatsApp booking management features will prove useful for areas with poor data reception.



Websites and mobile apps have made passenger life much easier than it was in the past. But think of how much easier it would be if travelers could book flights and make changes to their itineraries in WhatsApp. With the launch of new features within its WhatsApp business account, FlySafair is taking digitalization to a whole new level, allowing passengers to search and check-in without ever leaving the comfort of the messaging app.

The use of a website is unnecessary.

Passengers need only text the FlySafair business account at 087-357-0030 to gain access to the WhatsApp services. When a passenger says “Hi,” they’ll be presented with a menu that includes options like checking the status of their booking, checking in, viewing the flight’s status, viewing additional flight information, and requesting assistance. To view information about a recently booked flight, for instance, a passenger need only click the relevant menu item and then follow the on-screen instructions.

FlySafair claims that the extra features do not end there. Adding a checked bag to an existing reservation and purchasing a voucher for food will be possible via WhatsApp in the coming weeks. The new capabilities expand upon the low-cost airline’s existing WhatsApp services, which include the electronic delivery of boarding passes following online check-in and one-on-one chats with customer service representatives.

From 7:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. local time (GMT+8), passengers can speak with a live chat representative. Taken by: FlySafair

Why, then, do we need these extra features if the ones we have are already so useful? FlySafair’s Chief Marketing Officer, Kirby Gordon, says that passengers in areas with poor internet connectivity, where the website or mobile app is more likely to time out due to slow speeds, will benefit from the improvements to the WhatsApp booking management. He explains, “By introducing these new services, we are giving our customers more flexibility in planning their trips. If a user’s connection to the internet is spotty, they can still look up their flight information and check in via WhatsApp, giving them peace of mind before they even get to the airport.

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To what end did FlySafair strive?

FlySafair, a customer-focused airline, has long investigated new technologies in an effort to better serve its customers. How, though, did the South African budget airline manage to make everything digital, from boarding passes to flight booking and check-in, all done through a chat program? To put it simply, FlySafair was able to adopt cloud technology thanks to a partnership with CipherWave.

Because of the widespread acceptance that cloud computing offers, the budget airline joined the trend, and its customers have reaped the benefits ever since. With such a large volume of sensitive information at stake, however, security and privacy concerns were naturally heightened.

The new WhatsApp functions are just one example of how travel can be made more convenient for the user at every stage of the process, from planning to arrival. Taken by: FlySafair

FlySafair and CipherWave promise to implement and regularly update mitigation measures to keep such data and cloud-based processes secure. Code is analyzed and rewritten frequently to ensure the highest standards of safety, and the airline’s infrastructure needs are constantly being evaluated and improved. The low-cost airline FlySafair takes great pride in knowing and developing its technology to be as safe and convenient as possible for its passengers, and as such, places a premium on trust, not only in its partnership with CipherWave but also with its customers.