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Foods high in B12, which can only be consumed vegan, are easy to find

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When people find out you’re a vegan, they seem to become overly concerned about your eating habits and nutritional requirements.

However, I’m curious about your protein intake.

Sayings like “Meat is essential for human survival,” “Good nutrition is essential for all your outdoor activities,” and “Eating too many fruits and vegetables is bad for you” are common.

Like us, you’ve probably heard all of these arguments before. And boy, do they seem concerned about a b12 deficiency when it comes to your B12 intake. B12 is extremely important, and it’s one of the few nutrients that isn’t as common in vegan diets, so their worries are warranted. Read this thread and make sure you’re getting enough B12; there are still plenty of tasty options to keep your vitamin levels up!

Product listings in this article are vegan as of the date of publication, but this may change as manufacturers and suppliers adapt to vegan requirements.

Can you explain what vitamin B12 is and why it’s so crucial?

One of the eight essential vitamins your body needs to function properly, vitamin B12’s significance is often overlooked.

It aids in the body’s fight against fatigue and maintains healthy nerve and blood cells, which are necessary for the synthesis of DNA. Deficiencies in vitamin B12 can lead to serious health issues like anemia and cardiovascular disease, so it’s important to get enough of it in your diet.

Power – B12 helps make red blood cells, which transport oxygen throughout the body and keep us energized.

Absorption of Nutrients – B12 aids in proper digestion and nutrient uptake.

Anxiety and stress levels can be lowered by taking vitamin B12 because it aids in the proper functioning of the nervous system.

End of the day, if you want to keep up with your active, adventurous lifestyle, you need to get enough vitamin B12.

Do vegans have a greater need for vitamin B12?

What’s the ideal daily intake of vitamin B12?

Most healthy adults don’t need more than 3 mcg of B12 daily, but seniors and those with certain medical conditions may require higher doses. It’s also worth noting that herbivores are often cautioned to focus on B12 and protein-rich vegan foods. While both are critical, a well-rounded diet is essential. Don’t get your daily B12 and protein from a block of tofu, and then go on to eat nothing but chips for the rest of the day.

Vegans have it rough because B12 isn’t found in any plant-based foods naturally… not to fret!

Vegetables with a thick skin, like beets and potatoes, and water used to be good sources of vitamin B12. This is no longer the case because of the increased use of chemicals and pesticides in modern agricultural practices. Toxic chemicals, I hate you.

B12 is synthesized naturally by bacteria in the human and animal digestive tracts. It sounds like you want to know, “So what exactly is the issue?” However, because it is synthesized in the colon, which is a digestive organ downstream from the small intestine, it is lost in the digestive process.

Animals, on the other hand, are able to store vitamin B12 in their liver and muscles, with the nutrient ultimately making its way into their eggs and milk. Because of this, we have to eat these parts of the animal in order to get the vitamin — gross and cruel, yes.

But fear not, because B12 fortified foods and drinks make it simple for us moral eaters to get what we need. Below is a list of vegan food high in vitamin B12 that you can use as inspiration.

What Vegans Should Eat for Their B12 Needs

The First Vegan B12-Rich Cereal

It’s a favorite around the world because of the B12 it provides, and it’s no wonder why it’s so widely consumed. Vegan fortified cereal is a convenient way to start the day with all the nutrients you need. But, before you buy, make sure you check the label, as some brands have more B12 than others. Some varieties of Kellogg’s cerals are animal-friendly and fortified with vitamin B12. Manufacturers of General Mills Cereal with a Variety of Grains

When doing your weekly grocery shopping, don’t forget to peruse the cereal aisle, where you’ll likely find a variety of store brands, including fortified options. Some breakfast cereals have as much sugar as a typical dessert, so read the label carefully.

Second, Vegan Milk with Vitamin B12

The fortified milk that you pour over your B12-rich cereal will be the cherry on top. The addition of B12 to many plant-based milks makes it much simpler to meet the daily requirements. It’s easy to get all the B12 you need without even trying if you just add milk to your tea and other recipes throughout the day.

Marmite (3)

Whether you like it or not, Marmite is a fantastic food option to consider if you’re trying to increase your vitamin B12 consumption. When I make sauces or spread it on toast, I tend to use a lot of it because I really enjoy it. To J’s dismay, I have even been known to sneak spoonfuls straight from the jar. Eat some Marmite and keep doing what you love despite the naysayers.

It’s a common misconception that eating marmite or being around people who eat it will deter mosquitoes. Damn.

Vegan Cheese with Vitamin B12

Good news for vegan cheese lovers: some brands, like Daiya, fortify their cheese with extra B12 so you can eat mac and cheese without worrying about B12 deficiency. You can eat one serving (one-third of the package) without feeling too guilty because it contains 20% of the daily value for calcium and vitamin B12.

Nutritious Yeast 5.

Absolutely, no doubt, this is our favorite B12-containing vegan food. It’s a staple ingredient in most of our meals, and we bring it along on all of our camping and backpacking adventures because it’s so inexpensive and convenient to use. I think we’ve got enough B12 from this alone…

We use it in everything (we’re not kidding) because of its nutty, cheesy flavor, which adds dimension to the dishes. The people at Mari Gold recommend trying it on fruit, cereals, and salads, but it can be used in countless other ways as well.

6. Tempeh or Tofu

B12-Fortified Beverages, No. 7 on the List

Not only can you find drinks with B12, but many popular brands now include extensive nutrient fortification. Blueberries and vitamin B12 are used to create “sunshine drinks.” Caffeine content per can is 50mg, and vitamin B12 content is 100 percent of the daily value. With only 60 calories, you can quench your thirst with a beverage that gives you a boost from B12 and caffeine.

Vegan B12 Vitamin Supplements

There are those who believe they aren’t getting enough of the nutrient B12 from their diet and therefore benefit from taking a supplement. This is typically found in tablet form, and the B12 nutrient itself is cruelty-free. Since it caters to vegans, you won’t have to worry about a gelatine coating, and you can get quite a bit for your money.

Some B12 supplements are meant to be taken once per week, while others are meant to be taken once per day. Always follow the instructions on the package to ensure you’re getting the right dose at the right time.

I was wondering if there were any other vegan-friendly sources of vitamin B12. Put it in the discussion!

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What to Eat If You’re Vegan: A List of High-B12 Plant-Based Options

Here, then, are some simple and downright delicious ways for conscientious shoppers to meet the vitamin B12 requirements for vegans. If you found this post useful, maybe it will help you remember to take your daily doses, too. Take a multivitamin once a day, once a week, or once a month and you’ll never have to hear the’malnourished vegan’ comments again.

You’ll be prepared the next time someone asks you about B12-rich vegan options.

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