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Ford Maverick owns a tent from Go Fast campers

Here’s a way to solve the problem!



Why can’t I sleep in the Maverick’s bed because it’s too short? I have an answer for you.

For the 2022 model year, Ford Maverick orders were temporarily halted due to overwhelming demand. Its small size makes it ideal for city streets, but that won’t stop its owners from taking their pickups on camping trips.

To compensate for the Maverick’s insufficient bed length of 4.5 feet, campers must either bring their own tent and set it up near their parking spot or purchase Go Fast Campers’ (GFC) lightweight pop-top tent, the GFC Platform Camper.

The answer is obvious: just attach a camper to the Maverick’s short bed so that you can sleep in the vehicle. The camper only adds 6.5 inches in height because it is a pop-top tent like the SuperLite rooftop tent for the Ford Bronco (above the antenna). With a sleeping area of 50 by 90 inches and an extra 255 pounds (116 kilograms), this is a fairly compact camper.

GFC claims that this camper is the lightest, strongest, most durable, and most practical option for the Maverick. It is constructed with a smaller aluminum space frame (in comparison to GFC’s other platform campers), as well as machined-from-billet components, lift panels, embassy hinges, a modular floor, and a T-track load halo.

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While camping gear and supplies, such as a refrigerator, can still fit in the bed when it’s set up. The above video should serve as a guide to the pop-top camper, showing how it sets up and how to use its features, such as the ladder-free entrance to the tent.

The GFC Platform Camper for the Maverick can be purchased for $7,700, which is a reasonable sum when factored in with the cost of the truck itself. A compact truck camper with a hybrid engine and 37 combined MPG is available for just over $29,095 (including the base Maverick XL Hybrid and the $1,495 destination charge).