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Former Arizona GOP House Speaker Rusty Bowers says the US Constitution is on thin ice in some televised remarks

Rusty Bowers’s remark caught Goldsberry by surprise.



Rusty Bowers, the speaker of the Arizona GOP House, was approached by Trump for assistance in his effort to rig the results.

Bowers spoke in front of the committee on January 6.

He was defeated by a candidate sponsored by Donald Trump in the state senate primary.

Rusty Bowers, a former Arizona GOP House Speaker who lost his race for the state Senate, claimed that both the United States and the Republican party are in serious trouble.

In an interview with The Guardian that was published on Saturday, Bowers stated that “the constitution is hanging by a thread.” “I always assumed it would be the other guys, which is kind of funny. It’s on my side, too. That we would be the ones to renounce the Constitution in order to win an election simply tears at my heart. My head is blown by that.”

Bowers, who testified before the House committee on January 6, was defeated in his primary by former president Donald Trump’s supporter, Arizona state senator David Farnsworth, earlier this month.

Due to term limits for House positions, Bowers ran for the open senate seat.

Bower had been enlisted by Trump and his associates to assist challenge the Arizona election results. According to Bowers’ comments to The Guardian, the GOP has accepted “emotional violence.”

“They’ve developed a novel method. A careless party, that’s what it is. It’s all emotional, all retaliation, “Bowers described the gathering. “All of it is rage. It is simply that.”