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From Aug 20 until the end of the fall in October, Lake Metroparks Farmpark will be hosting a corn maze with a very good challenge

Visitors to the Lake Metroparks Farmpark can test their ability to navigate three acres of winding paths and dead ends when the park’s corn maze opens on Aug. 20. “This year’s maze will provide a mor



Aug. 16— On August 20th, visitors to the Lake Metroparks Farmpark can try their hand at navigating three acres of twisting paths and dead ends in the park’s corn maze.

This year’s maze, according to Farmpark Event Manager Andy McGovern, will be more traditional and “a very good challenge” than in years past, when themes were implemented or directional signs included questions for participants to answer.

For visitors of all ages to “have fun getting lost.”

Tent campers aged 10 to 13 were given permission to try out the park’s maze. According to McGovern, they were there for around thirty minutes.

He predicted that customers would have “a lot of fun” at the venue.

McGovern claims the corn is both thick and tall, with some stalks reaching a height of 9 feet.

Along with the maze, he said, visitors will be able to enjoy picnic tables and, beginning August 23, a playground provided by Playground World. The opening weekend of the maze will also feature food vendors.

This year’s maze is located in the “Triangle Field,” one of the two fields typically used by the park for the annual event, and is sponsored by Coca-Cola. McGovern argued that crop rotation was essential due to corn’s heavy nutrient demands.

In May, Farmpark’s equine staff began planting the field with crops, while the event staff created the maze. According to McGovern, tractors were used to cut the maze path and various dead ends once the corn reached a height of about a foot. As soon as they saw the field was ready, they made the call to start operations.

“We’re usually the first in the area to open our corn maze,” he explained. “Usually, people don’t open them up until September to get that fall feeling, and we’re like, ‘Hey, it’s ready, let’s open it, let’s have fun,’ and everybody has a good time.”

And he continued, “It’s good Northeast Ohio family fun.”

McGovern said that the Farmpark staff will be adding decorations and clearing away any dead or low-hanging foliage in preparation for the maze’s opening.

More than 30 years ago, when the Farmpark first opened, the maze was created with the intention of being “fun and educational,” he added.

Everyone loves corn, and Farmpark is all about knowing where your food and fiber comes from,” McGovern said. “This is animal corn, but the same techniques are used to cultivate sweet corn. The stalks of sweet corn are noticeably shorter.”

He told the crowd that the corn they were looking at would be stored for the winter and then ground into animal feed the following year.

Kirtland residents can find Lake Metroparks Farmpark at 8800 Euclid Chardon Road. Depending on the weather, the corn maze will be open from Tuesday through Sunday (including the 16th) from 9 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

The maze is open to visitors as part of the general admission, according to the press release. Members, children under 2, and active military personnel and their families get in free, while general admission is $6 to $8.

The website has all the details.

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