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Frozen Chicken Vs Fresh: Is There A Nutritional Difference?

Interestingly, the nutritional differences between frozen chicken and thawed chicken vary depending on the freshness of the meat when it was first frozen!



Frozen foods have a lot of benefits, including convenience, a generally lower cost, little to no risk of spoilage, and the ability to be bought in large quantities and kept on hand for quick, last-minute meals.

You may have heard that, at this stage, fruits and vegetables that have been frozen may actually contain a little bit more vitamins and minerals. This is as a result of them being harvested at their ripest and frozen right away. There is no time spent riding on the back of a vehicle (via eatright). What about animal protein, though? Does freezing the meat change its nutritional value for the better or worse, or not at all, if there is no degree of ripeness for a piece of chicken?

Everything Relates To How

The timing and location of the chicken’s freezing determine the answer. Even though meat doesn’t have the same peak maturity as fruits and vegetables, whether it is frozen on-site using a commercial technique or if you simply throw a pack into your freezer in order to get it to the end of its use-by date matters.

Consider the top to be onsite. When properly packaged, the chicken usually keeps all of its nutrients because it freezes quickly and at a very low temperature. Home freezers lack the capacity to reach subfreezing temperatures as quickly as commercial ones. So some of the chicken’s juices (and consequently nutrients) are lost when you transfer it from the refrigerator to the freezer at home, and ice crystals develop as a result of the slower freezing process. As the meat thaws, this has an impact on its texture and nutritional value (via Brazilian Journal of Poultry Science). The nutritional profile of frozen chicken is fairly comparable to that of fresh chicken because this does not happen during the industrial freezing process (via Five Star Home Foods).

In conclusion? Purchase chicken that has already been professionally frozen if you are stocking up to have chicken on hand that you know you won’t eat right away. Additionally, if you have a bag of fresh food that is about to spoil, don’t worry about throwing it in your freezer because there won’t be much food waste and there will be little loss of nutrients. There are some general guidelines to keep in mind, like as keeping the temperature around 0 F or lower to preserve the quality as much as possible (via NCSU).

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