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Funding Daily Disguised Toast is difficult and we need to make the move to YouTube

The gaming channel of Disguised Toast, who is known as Twitch, recently announced that they were considering moving to YouTube Gaming.



negative feedback from its audience, it appears that YouTube converts have not yet experienced any regret.

Disguised Toast predicted that, “At this rate, I think I will be the only guy from OTV and Friends that is on Twitch.”

Is YouTube Gaming the future of Disguised Toast?

In spite of recent positive developments, Disguised Toast’s uncertainty about switching streaming services persists. Disguised Toast claims that “this time around,” the decision will depend on whether or not they sign a lucrative deal with Twitch.

The streamer mentioned how much money Twitch spent to retain Nicholas “NICKMERCS” Kolcheff, before he went on to criticize the convention’s rules. Because of this, streamer Disguised Toast speculated that $30 million was up for grabs, prompting the question of whether or not Twitch would go through with signing NICKMERCS. Also, Disguised Toast mentioned that after a very successful subathon, Twitch was willing to let Ludwig “Ludwig” Ahgren go.

Disguised Toast expressed doubt that they would be offered a favorable deal. “Twitch may or may not send me a big bag, but I can’t say for sure. Perhaps I should just make my home on YouTube.

It seemed like Disguised Toast was treating the whole thing as a joke from his end of the conversation. However, Disguised Toast is no stranger to exploring new channels. Before returning to Twitch, Disguised Toast even tried out Facebook Gaming.

Disguised Toast announced in November 2019 that he was leaving Twitch to capitalize on Facebook Gaming’s “untapped market potential.” Disguised Toast made the potentially disastrous decision to try and revolutionize Facebook gaming all by himself. Not everything went as smoothly as planned, and he ended up back on Twitch.

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