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Fuuto publishes a complicated reasoning sentence, and Shotaro appears to be a coincidence

A new Fuuto PI anime recently premiered, and Shotaro’s transformation sequence features an interesting callback to the first Kamen Rider.



including a series of lines that form on his face, whenever he becomes angry or begins his transformation in the manga. The most noticeable ones fall from his eyes and look a lot like tears. According to Hongo, the Kamen Rider helmet is the only effective means of concealing his scars and “soul.” Ishinomori often writes about the tragic irony of being a hero at the crossroads of humanity and technology, so this concept is central to his canon.

Variations on these facial lines have become a franchise staple ever since the Kamen Rider TV series was rebooted in the year 2000. Even though they aren’t cyborgs like the original Showa era Riders, many Riders still get them during their transformation sequence. This is a great nod to the original Kamen Rider and its creator, and the idea of hiding one’s true identity behind a mask is as relevant now as it was in the 1970s.

Fuuto PI is not only a great show in its own right, but also a wonderful homage to the first Kamen Rider W and the entire franchise. Incredible care was taken to recreate the little things that made Kamen Rider W stand out and become a fan favorite, particularly during references to the original series. These black lines pay tribute to both the original show and the groundbreaking work that set the stage for Fuuto PI, and they do so in a delightful double tribute.